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Ceramic Teapots

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An assortment of quirky and vintage-inspired English ceramic pottery teapots to accentuate your tea experience

Decorate your tea room with the bright colors projected by ceramic teapots from different reliable brands to choose from. English Tea Store has an array of designs and sizes to fit your personality, occasion, and the number of people you intend to spend time with over a cup of flavorful tea. Enjoy Valentine's day with a teapot serving for two madly-in-love people, show off a classy cosmopolitan-chic vibe with neutral-colored teapots, or flaunt your vibrant persona in vivacious teapot shades. Lighten up your mood with your favorite blend partnered with teaware that says a lot about you.

English Tea Store offers teapots at a wholesale price! Celebrate festivities as you share this perfect giftable item with tea-loving friends and family. Buy these teapots in bulk and spread the joy of brewing and enjoying tea.

The best solid-colored ceramic teapots for your kitchen in black, white, red, brown, green, and a lot more

Selecting tea according to your unique taste and the health benefits it provides is one aspect of enjoying a cup, but to use tea ware to highlight your distinct individuality is another to indulge yourself with every moment as you sip your savory infusion. From muted to vivid colors, the Genuine Brown Betty and Amsterdam ceramic teapots have a collection of colorful teapots to prepare your tea to perfection. These teapots are made from single-glazed, lead-free ceramic ware and are dishwasher-safe to save you from the hassle of everyday cleaning. As these teapots have a rainbow line-up of colors, you can mix and match them with other solid-colored cups, saucers, creamer jars, and sugar bowls to create a lovely color-coordinated teaware to express yourself.

England's uniquely cute and creative ceramic teapot designs will make your tea time even more special

Usual teapots are generally presented in round liquid containers with a spout or those with elegant floral prints that showcase the classic sophisticated look that tea lovers adore and collected throughout the years. English Tea Store has those and a lot more for the modern tea aficionado! We also have teapot designs in fancy styles to use in special celebrations or simply presenting a creative look perfect for the youthful tea drinker. The Retro Pumpkin teapot is one fun tea ware to set on a Halloween tea party, or the adorable Lots of Ladybugs teapot is for your everyday tea time set in your garden or chic tea room.

The convenience of ceramic infuser teapot sets

Either order a ceramic teapot and a separate stainless steel infuser or strainer to steep your tea leaves, or get an Amsterdam teapot that goes with a ceramic infuser for your convenience. Ceramic teapots are known to brew loose-leaf tea faster but it is more efficient to have one with an infuser to have your tea free from leaf crumbs swimming on your cup. English Tea Store has made sure that does not happen because we have all of them for you. Teapots are offered as they are but you can purchase meshed stainless steel infusers at very affordable prices.

Small to large ceramic teapots: 2-Cup, 4-Cup, and 6-Cup tea capacities

Savoring a cup for yourself or having a party in your tea room, English Tea Store have a variety of colorful ceramic teapots in individual, small, medium, to large sizes. You can probably find all these sizes inside a tea lover's home, and so should you. The lovely 2-cup Gray Betty teapot can accommodate 12 to 18 ounces of your well-loved tea, while the 4-cup Cobalt Betty teapot can hold 24 ounces. But if you're throwing a tea party, the 6-cup Amsterdam Sierra Rose and Lots of Ladybug teapots brew 36 to 46 ounces of tea.

With freshly boiled water out of the tea kettle, how does a ceramic teapot work to make the perfect cup of tea?

Ceramic teapots are indeed the best ones you've got to have when infusing your loose tea leaves. The fact that a ceramic teapot keeps your blended tea warm and comforting for a long while makes it an essential item to brew a satisfying drink for you to enjoy. But of course, every purchase needs your full attention in choosing the right ceramic teapot for you. To know if your ceramic teapot can infuse any type of tea leaf, be mindful to get a close look at its interior, whether it is coated with an enamel finish. Glazing is not only a decorative effect for a teapot's exterior but also a functional feature for a ceramic teapot's interior as it hinders the absorption of tea flavors into the clay mold.

Teapots made from ceramic are not suitable for stovetop water heating since excessive heat may cause them to break. Better boil your water using a tea kettle to the temperature your tea leaves require for the perfect brew. While preparing the water for the exact boil, warm up your teapot and cups by filling them with hot tap water to arouse the aroma and taste of the tea. Pour the water out of the teapot once it reaches a temperature that is hot enough to receive the tea leaves for brewing. Scoop a teaspoon of tea leaves into the ceramic or stainless steel infuser according to the number of cups you intend to serve. Let the how water from the kettle flow over the loose-leaf tea in the teapot and let it steep. To spread the tea leaves' flavor even better, circulate the infusion by pouring the fluid from the teapot into the teacup and vice versa. Do this step repeatedly until you are satisfied with the strength of the flavor. Take the infuser out from the teapot and serve the tea to your guests.

Ceramic teapots brew tea faster and keep it hot for quite a while. Tea warmers and teapot cozies are to the rescue to keep your tea from getting cold while still inside the pot.

How do you clean a ceramic teapot?

Most ceramic teapots nowadays are dishwasher safe but it cares to know the basic hand-wash cleaning of these pots especially when residues come eminent after frequent use. You may opt to use commercial dishwashing detergents, which get the job done faster, more efficiently, and smell nicer. All you need is a sponge, your trusted dishwashing liquid, and clean water to get that sparkly clean teapot in no time.

However, some tea lovers are not so convinced with the efficacy of dishwashing products available at the grocery store, particularly those that promise to remove tough stains that tea usually leaves inside your pot's walls. Natural cleaning agents like lemon or vinegar mixed with baking soda powder or three parts of baking soda to one part water are proven to work wonders in making kitchenware and teapots spotless.

Whichever cleaning agent you choose for your teapot, it's not enough to know just the basics of soaking the sponge in your cleaning mixture, scrubbing, and rinsing the pot with hot water. A good thorough washing of your teaware is highly recommended, especially when you use your teapot daily at any time of the day. So if you should see tea stains building up at the interior base of your pot or cup, it is best to fill your teaware with diluted vinegar or liquid dishwashing solution and water. Make sure that you see the water rising up the tip of the spout as you fill the teapot with this cleaning mixture. Let it sit overnight to break the tea sediments off the walls of your teapot. You'd be surprised to easily scrub the stains the next day! For better spout cleaning, remember to use a narrow wired brush or a drinking straw brush that fits the diameter of your teapot spout.

Putting sugar directly into the teapot puts forward another cleaning concern that you must do meticulously. Bacteria grows and eats off the sugar, so might as well eliminate those sweet compounds from your teapot. All you have to do is add a blob of liquid dishwashing soap with hot water, sponge the teapot well inside and out, and rinse the cloud of soap from the pot.

When using homemade or commercial cleaning aids, always be careful in using them on old glazed teapots that might develop a delicate finish over many years. Swab a small amount of your chosen cleanser on a part of the teapot that goes unseen preferably at the exterior base or the pot's interior.

What's the difference between ceramic and porcelain teapots?

Brewing your favorite tea needs a durable and efficient teapot to help you infuse the perfect flavor from the loose tea leaves or a teabag. If you are not too careful in choosing the right teapot for the type of tea you prefer, this teaware may affect the taste of your morning drink without you even knowing how it happened. It's better to know the differences between these teapots' materials before buying one and start making tea.

Ceramic teapots are noted as the best tea ware for daily tea brewing. They are budget-friendly yet provide the perfect infusion for you to enjoy, making their offer a true value for your money. Ceramic teapots are known to have low seepage, precise liquid flow, and exceptional balance which is highly essential in steeping delicate oolong and Pu-erh tea leaves. They have a high-heat capacity and maintain heat naturally to brew loose-leaf teas quickly. When buying a ceramic teapot, look closely at its interior to know if it can be used for other tea types or flavors. Glazed ceramic teapot interiors can brew any tea type, while those with unglazed interiors let the ceramics absorb the tea leaves' flavor, only making it good to infuse one type of tea. You would not want to have your green tea taste like another blend. Ceramics are also easy to clean and maintain so you can use this teapot every day for the longest time.

Porcelain teapots generally have a very thin mold and exude elegant designs highlighted by their natural shiny finish. They are flavor-resistant and do not capture the tea's flavor in the material. Porcelains have extremely attractive appeal due to their exquisitely sophisticated decorations. These teapots are the right choice for preparing your white or green teas.