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Teapot Warmers

Keep your Tea heated with a stylish teapot warmer

Savor the comfort of warm brewed tea without heating water in the stove and repeat steeping a tea bag or loose tea leaves. English Tea Store delivers colorful tea warmers that suit your teapot designs and personality. We offer neutral shades ofwhite and black to complement vintage teapots, with an array of vibrant tones of yellow, sea foam, powder blue, and sierra rose to depict your energetic aura. If you opt to use darker-toned teapots, our plum, royal blue, brown, cadet blue, and green tea warmers go beautifully with them. True to their promise to give function and style, these teapot warmers are set to preserve your tea's warmth longer, regardless of the teapot's material, for an enjoyable time with your tea-loving friends and family.

What is a teapot warmer?

Having long conversations over a cup of tea requires you to serve a warm infusion that could last longer. A teapot warmer is a must-have tea accessory to retain the tea's high temperature but not burn the infusion. It manages to keep your brew's warmth at a constant thermal level for at least two to four hours. Teapot warmers are your teapots' perfect companion to provide comforting liquor on cold winter nights while enjoying the chilly weather in high-altitude locations or simply prefer a hot brew in your teacup. Don't let your tea go to waste. Get your teapot a partner warmer to serve a cozy, fresh-tasting tea blend you can indulge in any time of the day.

Perfect for ceramic, porcelain, glass, cast iron metal, and stainless steel teapots

English Tea Store presents a variety of Amsterdam teapot warmers in a selection of colors to complement your table setting, tea sets, and your vibe. These tea warmers are made of ceramic material, measuring 4.9 inches long, 4.9 inches wide, and 2.6 inches tall. An Amsterdam teapot warmer is recommended for any teapot and is safe for microwave and dishwasher use. It accommodates teapots molded from ceramic, porcelain, glass, and those metal pots constructed from enamel-coated cast iron and stainless steel. Your teapot needs to have a base of at least 4 inches to position perfectly in the groove of the pot warmer.

How does a candle work to keep a pot warm?

A teapot warmer shares its comforting heat by placing a tealight candle inside the casing. The tealight radiating within a teapot warmer prevents your freshly brewed hot tea from cooling off easily. The heat of the candle is trapped in the teapot warmer with the teapot on top, circulating hot air molecules to sustain the warmth of your liquor. Using an open-lit tea candle may heat certain teapots slower, especially if you're steeping tea in a ceramic or glass pot. Don't waste time, so better put the teapot on the tea warmer immediately to maintain the heat. Some tealights don't only make your tea warm but are also aromatic to give a fragrant atmosphere while sipping your special tea blend.

The benefits of having a pot warmer in your tea set

The primary advantage of a teapot warmer is to liberate you from reheating the tea in the microwave or stove when its temperature cools down. Spending time with your loved ones over a cup of tea would definitely take a long while! The teapot warmer is here to rescue your tea party! Bonding with your friends never stops when you keep the conversations going over a warm and cozy cup. Tea warmers are charming table accents as well. Choose a teapot warmer that goes beautifully with your teapot style and table motif to make your setting truly stand out.