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Personal 1-2 Cup Teapots

Host teatime for 2 poured from the best 1-2 cup sized small tea pot

Conclude a fun date by inviting the person over for a cup of tea. Tea prolongs the pleasant conversation you have built up through the time you're together, so it is good to have a2-cup teapot at home for situations like this. Having a small teapot ready also helps you serve a visiting friend or relative for a little chit-chat. If you're an introvert, you can enjoy a cup or two while sipping tea and reading your favorite book. In these many instances, tea is an excellent choice to set on the table. Good news for you! English Tea Store hasvarious-sized teapots available at an affordable price and quick shipping straight to your doorstep. From solid-colored basic teapots to fancy ones, we bring out the best pots for the notable tea experience you will enjoy any time, any day. Buy one of these small teapots for yourself or send it as a lovely gift for newlyweds, college freshmen, mothers, and friends.

How big is a two-cup teapot?

English Tea Store's 2-cup teapots offer spacious forms to accommodate your tea infusions. The length and width may differ, but the purpose of brewing one to two cups of tea is undeniably reliable. Amsterdam teapots, serving one to two cups, measures 7 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 4.5 inches tall with a 2-inch opening to receive teabags or tea leaves and water. Teapots produced by the English Tea Store brand have a length of 4.9 inches, a width of 6.7 inches, and a height of 4.3 inches. These little teapots are indeed short and stout, but they deliver the best-brewed cup for your "alone time" or a moment with a valued companion.

What is a good sized teapot? How much can a 2-cup teapot hold?

These small teapots can take in approximately 14 to 16 ounces of infused tea or brewed coffee, providing tea for up to two teacups per serving. It is the ideal teapot size to keep for a small and brief meeting or just spending quality time by yourself. A 2-cup teapot is the standard personal-size pot if you drink more than one cup at a time in one sitting.

Relish a cozy tea blend infused inside a sturdy and convenient teapot

You need to possess a durable teaware to brew the best tea blend for yourself or with a guest. English Tea Store has a lot to offer for your tea needs! We have ceramic teapots made by Amsterdam, bone china from Wedgwood, and porcelain from our very own English Tea Store brand. Showcasing different sizes, designs, and materials, our products commit to serving you a warm cup of tea you could indulge in and satisfy your craving. See the teapots from famous-maker brands like Wedgwood, James Sadler, Genuine Brown Betty, Adagio, and Amsterdam. We have lined them up for you here at English Tea Store.

Ceramic teapots by Amsterdam and Brown Betty

Solid-colored teapots present a modern style for the ageless art of tea-making. Amsterdam and the Genuine Brown Betty have a wide range of color options to choose from bright hues, neutral tones, and dark shades. These ceramic teapots come in orange, white, royal blue, gray, and a lot more. Ceramic teapots put forward long-lasting use, heat retention, functionality, and contemporary flair to prepare your favored tea blend any time you thirst for it. The Amsterdam ceramic teapot or coffee pot is dishwasher and microwave-safe for your convenience.

Classic bone china teapots by Wedgwood

Wedgwood's Harlequin Collection features the Cuckoo 2-cup teapot that projects a perfect memento of the calmness tea brings to your body and spirit. It accommodates 12.5 ounces of tea, serving one to two cups of heavenly infusion for you to savor. The Cuckoo teapot exhibits a beautiful presentation of Chinese flowers and birds, exuding a relaxing sight to complement your soothing tea. This teaware has gold trimmings and a golden handle accent, so it is not advisable to use it in the dishwasher and the microwave. Hand-wash is only recommended for this teapot. Wedgwood bears a luxurious and trusted name from a British Company, known to manufacture gorgeous fine bone china and porcelain teaware since 1759.

Modish glass teapot designed with IngenuiTEA

Adagio markets a contemporary and stylish 2-cup teapot design through its IngenuiTEA line that features the Tritan material made of clear plastic. IngenuiTEA is safe and excellent to withstand and retain hot temperatures and is 100% BPA-free for daily tea brewing. It flaunts a teapot and cup in one design with a mesh filter to infuse loose-leaf tea and produces a crystal-clear liquor you can't resist relishing. This transparent teaware can hold 16 fluid ounces of your favorite tea blend that you can take with you anywhere. It is easy to clean and use and is one of the best tea infusers you could ever find in the market today.

Timeless white teapots from the English Tea Store brand

English Tea Store's Diana, Raffles, and Helios 2-cup teapot products showcase a pure white teaware to complement any colored or patterned tea set. These white teapots go impeccably with different table settings and occasions, having a timeless appeal that doesn't go out of style easily. The Diana, Helios, and Raffles teapot collections from the English Tea Store brand are made of porcelain material. So, if you're searching for durability in your tea essentials, choose from these three magnificent options from our own pristine product line.

Filter loose-leaf tea using an infuser teapot with a lid

Having a teapot is not enough when you have to buy a separate infuser or strainer. We have the solution for that! You can purchase colorful Amsterdam infuser teapots to pour in one to two teacups of your delish brewed tea. The infuser that goes together with the teapot is made of ceramic as well as the pot. This set is outstanding for your everyday loose-leaf tea infusions.