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Teapot Cozies

Experience the charm of a British Tea Cozy: What is a quilted tea cozy?

Indulge in your favorite tea time by not having a hard time letting the cold bother the warmth of your brewed tea. English Tea Store offers lovely tea cozy (or Tea Cosy if you're British!) designs to enclose the heat of your luscious tea blend inside a complementary teapot, savoring a hot tea drink longer for you and your friends or loved ones to enjoy.

A tea cozy is generally made of cloth designed to cover the teapot, putting this tea warmer over or wrapping around the pot for better thermal insulation. English Tea Store's tea cozies are made of handmade fabric that you can machine- or hand-wash and line dry. They come in two prominent styles you can choose from dome or snuggie. A dome tea cozy is created with an open bottom to blanket the teapot, trapping the steam from the tea inside the dome after you poured your drink into your teacup. One on hand, the snuggie tea cozies are fashioned with a fabric bottom and drawstring top portion with hole provisions on each side to slip the handle and spout through. These dome cozies and snuggies fit 3-cup to 6-cup teapot sizes and have gorgeous print designs to match an inherent tea lover's personality. Get cozy every time you go for your breakfast or afternoon tea, as each set includes the cozy of your choice and a complementing solid-colored teapot. Have one for yourself or share the warmth of tea by buying this giftable item for your tea-loving family members or friends.

Tea cozies are an essential tea accessory for English tea drinkers since it was first used in Britain in 1867. Afternoon tea parties established by Anna Maria Russel, Duchess of Bedford, in 1840 paved the way to appreciate the importance of having tea cozies at home and tea rooms in the United Kingdom. It was that time in the Victorian era when central heating was deprived in the country, making tea served during tea time gatherings impossible to retain its heat for hours. With this crisis happening and affecting important social gatherings over tea, the presence of tea cozies became a necessity and spread over British households in the late 19th century. Tea cozies also became a fashion item, decorating teapots to look more presentable and classy during tea parties. Its marketability continued until the 20th century when it grew as a handicraft item for homemakers and craftsmen. However, the acceptance of tea cozies by the end of the 20th century had declined due to the turn of tea lovers to bagged tea products that do not require teapots for brewing tea.

Cozies proved over the years that, even when the rise of vacuum flasks is made available nowadays, they are still the best way to keep your well-loved brewed tea insulated. It does not only keep your drink heated but also maintains the warmth of spending time with your loved ones going over a cuppa.

Discover the advantages of tea pot cozies: What is a tea cozy used for, and do cozies work?

Sitting down with your favorite people over tea would probably take a lot of time and stories to tell. You would need to keep your tea in the pot warmer for longer hours, and a tea cozy is a perfect item to have in the kitchen, ready to save your tea party. Getting the correct shape and size of tea cozies to fit your teapot's size is important to serve its purpose. But do they really work? Of course, they do, and its use had been essential for brewing and enjoying tea for generations of tea enthusiasts all over the world!

Keep your tea warm with an insulated tea cozy

Tea cozies have their way of maintaining the heat of teapots, especially when the fabric used to make them is thick enough to stop the steam or heat from getting away from the teapot. A tea cozy may not keep the tea hot for a whole day, but the heat will definitely last for at least two hours when you wrap your teapot with one. Make sure you scrutinize the material used to construct your cozies. If it is made with thin fabric or has large woven gaps, the chances of sustaining the warmth of your brew will not last that long, and your cozy might only be good as an ornament rather than a functional accessory.

As tea cozies minimize air molecule circulation inside the teapot keeping the tea fresh, they also save you time in heating your infusion once it goes chilly. Don't let quality time with your favorite people cut short because of a cold tea. Use a tea cozy to make conversations over a cuppa last.

Make a statement with a tea cozy dome hat or a snuggie

Teapots show off your unique personality and so are tea cozies. The Victorian age helped the acceptance of tea cozies flourish and this era is known for its lavish decorations, sophistication, and socialism. The best way to present yourself is through beautiful objects, even in tea ware and accessories that complement your individuality. The charming embellishments and accents on a tea cozy are one of the stylish aspects to display during social calls over an afternoon tea. Until today, that tea cozy facet still lives in the modern day from crocheted, knitted, or quilted construction. One can never miss the elegance, chicness, or quirkiness of different prints and the prominence of design in every cozy.

With people's creativity, don't you know that there are also other uses for a tea cozy? Check out this link to find five odd ways to use your tea cozies, particularly the dome ones.

How to choose the perfect tea cozy cover?

Before you take a look at the decorative marks on a teapot cozy, decide on what style of tea cozy to buy. Dome, snuggie, pullover, suitcase, and wrap cozies are styles that you can look into to know what you need. Then, you have to measure the teapot first to make sure that you're preferred cozy fits like a glove and that it is able to enact its warming purpose. Do this by measuring the width of the teapot around the widest dimension and the height of the pot from top to bottom. Allow a bit of space covering the whole teapot to trap the air and keep the heat from breaking out of the cozy. An insulated lining adds to the efficiency of the cozy. When you got the correct style, size, and material to perfectly suit your pot, indulge in the many designs lined up for you.

If you love having tea all day every day, your tea cozies will eventually wear out due to consistent use. Know what signs to watch out for before you toss your cozies aside through this informative blog entry.