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Small 3-4 Cup Teapots

Our handsomely crafted famous-maker small teapots from English Tea Store are the perfect way to spend an afternoon drinking tea with three or four friends. These teapots are made for three or four people They're also a favorite for sharing more than one hot cup of tea for just two. Our teapots are available in fine bone china, ceramic, stainless steel, glass, porcelain and sturdy stoneware styles.

Genuine Brown Betty teapots are a British favorite for this Staffordshire, England, brand's glazed red clay construction. Our in-house brand of small English Tea Store teapots offers exceptional bargains on premium solid color and patterned teapots with lids.

Making tea is easy with our small infuser teapots that include stainless steel infusers to brew your tea in the pot. We have beautifully made teapot and mug sets that are favorite purchases for gifts. Don't forget to add our world-famous teas to your order. Shop Great Britain's favorites in loose-leaf and oversized English-style teabag tins.