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Christmas Pudding

Best British Traditional Holiday and Christmas Puddings

Christmas pudding is as old and traditional as American apple pie. Ok, maybe it's not considering this tradition started way back in the 14th century before the United States was a twinkle in George Washington's eye. But! You can still be a part of this time-honored practice and get your very own Christmas pudding. Here at The English Tea Store, we are all about the holidays, making that little bit of time and effort to make them that much more special and memorable. That is why we do what we do and offer the products we have. Our classic English Christmas Pudding is no exception on the matter.

Plum or Christmas Pudding

English Christmas pudding (also called plum pudding) is a timeless tradition. We carry a wide variety of the most popular Christmas pudding brands from the United Kingdom.

Aunty's Golden Syrup Steamed Puds are not shy on flavor and packed with spongey moist deliciousness. Whether you want Golden Syrup or Sticky Toffee is up to you. If you are looking for an iconic taste from across the pond, these are it.

For a traditional Christmas pudding from a well-respected brand, Walkers Rich Fruit Pudding packs a whole lot of holiday cheer into their recipe that you can taste in each bite.

Cole's Union Jack Festive Whiskey Plum Pudding is made using vine and fruit spices and bursting with flavor. Also made with apple cider, this Christmas Pudding has found its place on our dessert plates.

If you want to learn more, check out the history of Christmas pudding.

Christmas pudding is best enjoyed with brandy butter or sauce or rum butter. Whipped or clotted cream can be added on top of the pudding.

Is fig or figgy pudding the same as Christmas pudding? Plum pudding?

The terminology behind puddings can be best surmised as such, fig or figgy pudding has been and is called plum pudding, while plum and figgy pudding are often referred to as Christmas Pudding. In essence they all kind of mean the same thing, it's throughout each of their own's history that the name takes on its own thing.

Fig or figgy pudding arrived first on the scene in the 14th century. At the time meats, vegetables, grains, fats, fruits and spices were all mixed together. Spices, fats and fruits were the best preservatives around during this time and served as a way to keep the shelf life of the figgy pudding for a long time. These dishes were consumed traditionally around Christmas time, most specifically Christmas Eve, as the previous twenty-four hour period was a time of fasting.

It would be around a century later, that figgy pudding would morph into being referred to as plum pudding. This term was given to any of these dishes that had dried or candied fruit within its mixture, most notably currants or raisins. The end of the 16th century saw more dried fruit available in England making this dish more common and plentiful. The association of plum pudding around Christmas time would become prevalent by the mid 1600's, thus spurring the name Christmas pudding.

Some people believe consuming Christmas pudding will bring them good luck for the following year.

What is an English pudding?

A traditional English pudding is a dish that sees its roots most similar to that of the first iterations of figgy pudding. They are a hodge podge of ingredients, fruits, grains, spices, vegetables, fats and some even meats. These dishes are usually boiled or steamed giving them their sponge like consistency and can be savory and or sweet in flavor.

What is inside a Christmas pudding?

Recipes for this dish vary across the board depending on who you ask, where you are from to even what you have available. The most common recipe for Christmas pudding sees within it dried or candied fruit, including raisins and currants, select spices, flour, eggs, and one of the following, either milk, wine or some other alcohol. Some recipes even include orange zest, ground almonds, grated apples, dark brown sugar and fresh breadcrumbs,

How long does Christmas pudding last?

The short answer to this question is homemade Christmas pudding can last up to a year in the freezer if wrapped correctly, 2 weeks in the fridge and approximately 3 days on the counter. However, our Christmas puddings have a much longer shelf life and specifically the Cole's Brand puddings can last up to 2 years!

Where to buy Christmas pudding?

As always, The English Tea Store is your premier destination not only for all things tea related, but also for classic English traditions such as Christmas Pudding. And if you didn't find what you are looking for, be sure to check out our Christmas Shop and Christmas Cake sections.