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Christmas Shop

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All Things Christmas- Our Best Online Stores Products and Supplies for Holiday Shopping!

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. Everyone smiles a little brighter and a little more often. Festivities are in full swing, offering a chance to catch up with the people in your life you may not have had a chance to see. The music... well, is mostly good, at least the month of it's fun to hear some Christmas jingles. However, if you are like most people, this also means you may be rushing around in a mad dash to get a warehouse worth of presents for your friends and family. How about you let us keep the warehouse full and you just sit back, click and order. At the English Tea Store, we want to make your holiday shopping easy, fun, and memorable. We have got a variety of items fit for the tea novice and connoisseur, so be sure to check out all of these great products, trinkets and treats to put into your stockings, around the Christmas tree or to just bring to your next office Christmas party.

Christmas Tea and Tea Chests

We wouldn't quite be the English Tea Store if we didn't offer Christmas Tea and Tea chests. We have got some great holiday blends in stock sure to put a smile on your face and sweeten up your season.

First up is our very own Swiss Hot Chocolate Flavored Black Tea. This is a loose-leaf blend black tea with notes of chocolate and comes to us from Sri Lanka. This blend is lit with some hot reviews.

Our Holiday Spiced Flavored Black Tea is another loose-leaf tea featuring hints of cinnamon, orange and clove, made to make the coldest of winter days feel a little warmer.

And for tea chests, we offer Tea Chests with Tea. This particular product comes to us from Twining's with approximately 80 Twining's teabags fitting into 8 sections with 10 teabags per section. The Black and Oak finish are both US made.

Christmas Candy, Cookies, Cakes, Spreads and Pies

Christmas just wouldn't quite feel like Christmas without all the candies, cookies, cakes and spreads that comes with it. Thats why we keep all of these on hand from around the world. Our Christmas Candy is packed to the brim with goodies sure to fatten up the skinniest of stockings. From Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons from the UK to Guiness Dark Chocolate Truffles from Ireland.

Feel like you are celebrating alongside the locals with our traditional Christmas Cookies and Biscuits from England. We also have got some Christmas Cakes on deck for you as well.

Be sure to enjoy your teatime with our spreads and jams from the Devon Cream Company, Somerdale and Tiptree, all based out of the United Kingdom and some favorite choices of our friends from across the pond.

Christmas Teapots and Tea Sets

Putting on a nice, warm kettle of tea around the holidays is sure to warm those wintery bones. And there is nothing quite like busting out your favorite teapot for the season. Find your new Christmas Teapot at the English Tea Store today and start sipping in no time. With a nice spread of festive colored teapots, you are bound to find something special to share a cup of tea and strike up a conversation with your friends and family.

Gift Baskets, Advent Calendars and other Items!

At the English Tea Store, there is a plethora of premade and custom Gift Baskets fit for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

And while we cover this information on another page, we wanted to reiterate on the subject. If you are Christmas shopping and buying Gift Baskets early, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind when ordering and putting them together.

  • Perishables — These are items like cheese, some chocolates and fresh fruits that tend to have a shorter shelf life and do not last long at room temperature. A good rule of thumb with gift baskets is to avoid perishables and stick with non-perishable items, unless you are giving it away pretty soon.
  • Include something lasting — Which brings us to our next section, something that your person will be able to use many times over and think of you every time. This includes things like memorabilia, mugs, bath toiletries, plush toys and gift cards. The basket itself is something that can be reused down the line, whether that is for display use or even re-gifting, we won't tell anyone.
  • Theme — Ask yourself, what kind of theme do you want to go for? Is the person you are shopping for a sports fanatic? A Hunter? An Artist? Do they enjoy baths and long walks on the beach? A kid? All of these will play a part in picking just the right theme for your gift basket. You wouldn't exactly want to get a grown man his own pony centric themed gift basket. I don't think we have a pony themed gift basket, sorry if that's what you are looking for.
  • Customize — You can also put together your own gift basket and give it more of a personal touch. This helps you not only address any dietary, religious, or other preferences, but also get that someone something they may really want and will remember for years to come. Customizing also ensures that you are able to take note with all of the above and knock this gift out of the park!

Ordering early can ensure not only you get exactly what you are looking for, but also that you get it on time! With these surefire tips and tricks, you are sure to find something that your very special person is going to love.

If you are looking for just a good variety and bang for your buck, The English Tea Store has got some lovely Gift Baskets on hand to please anyone on your list. From Gift Baskets for Her that include spa and bath items, lotions, teas and a mug, available in different varieties such as Sweet Cherry Blossom, Lotus Paradise and Lavender Sky to Gift Baskets for Him that range anywhere from a straight up tea drinker set to having golf and hunter themes. These all have their own unique mix of products and can cover a lot of different types of interests. We even have Gift Baskets for Kids that are packed to the brim with candies, crafts, silly putty, plush teddy bears and crayons.

We also have a Cadbury Advent Calendar that counts down the days to Christmas one chocolatey bite at a time making the countdown that much more bearable.

And if you are just plum not sure what to get that someone for Christmas, browse our Stocking Stuffer section. With a whole haul of random goodies and items, you'd be hard pressed not to feel like St. Nick crossing names off his list and checking it twice.