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Tea Chests

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Discover the perfect British tea bag chest for your home!

Sort and organize your well-loved tea blends using an elegant tea chest that goes well with the rest of your tea ware. English Tea Store offers an array of tea chests with Twining's, Stash's, and Taylors of Harrogate's bagged tea selections. Tea chests are also available as empty storage boxes to provide space for your extra tea bag packets and have various engraving plates to choose from, especially if you intend to give these wooden tea boxes as a gift to a friend or a family member. English Tea Store also extends thesetea chests at wholesale price. Surprise yourself with all the world-favorite tea flavors in one box, as you open a tea chest filled with the best names in the tea industry.

What is the history of the English tea chest?

Tea chests are essential tools to transport precious tea shipments along the transatlantic during the early 17th century. The voyage during that time was long, and there was no other way but to transfer cargo across the oceans via ship expeditions. The first industrial amount of tea to make this journey by sea arrived in Amsterdam in 1606. Tea was enclosed in a cube-shaped tea chest that measured 9 inches on each side. The first tea chest looked a lot more of Japanese origin but the illustration on the tea box was interpreted as an Indian and Chinese design.

With the vast distance and days of waiting for the tea shipment enduring the sea voyage during the 17th century, such prized tea beverage needs to be protected from the rough water encounters and looted while at sea. Tea was considered a luxury drink which was why it had to be locked up in a chest like gold. These tea chests are wooden storage boxes to ensure that tea packets will not toss back and forth while in transit. Historic tea chests were sealed and locked using metal fasteners to ward off the sailors consuming the tea cargo during the journey.

For centuries to date, tea chests have had an important role in bringing tea to the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Its use may have also changed throughout the years as it became a charming gift item to give to fellow tea lovers or a storage container for your favorite blends in tea bags. These boxes were made in full wooden panels back in the olden days. Now, these tea boxes feature storage chests with clear sides that are usually acrylic in the material.

How do you choose the best tea chest box?

When you're on the look for an excellent tea chest for your bagged teas, you must first take a look at the materials used that provide quality, durability, and long-lasting use. You would also have to look at the size, number of compartments and features of the tea chest to accommodate the number and assortment of bagged teas that you need to organize. Look no further! English Tea Store puts forward the finest wooden tea chests, exuding a plain yet homey and comfy character that every cup of tea is supposed to make you feel.

Impeccable wooden tea chests to house your tea bag packets: What are the benefits of these tea chest boxes?

Tea chests are typically made of wood to ensure exceptional protection, housing tea leaves while they course through different parts of the world. Centuries later, these tea vaults are now used as convenient boxes to keep your tea bags fresh inside your home or restaurant. Wooden tea chests allow the tea leaves to maintain their aroma and essence since these caddies offered at the English Tea Store are all wood from the lid to the compartment tray. Tea chests with wooden lids hinder light to penetrate the box, affecting the tea leave's flavor and prolonging their shelf-life.

US-Made solid maple wood tea chests

English Tea Store carries the Twinings' Fruit Flavor, Herbal, and Favorite Selections Tea Chests, constructed from solid maple wood and are proudly manufactured in the United States. The type of wood used for these tea chests guarantees higher quality than the imported caddies offered by Twinings, Stash, and Taylors of Harrogate. Maple wood is a sturdy material to encase your tea bags as it warrants durability, resistance to decay, lasting elegance, and affordability. The tea chest has eight equally-measured compartments that each can accommodate 12 tea bags and some of its exquisite looks are in dark cherry and cherry stain finishes.

Solid pine wood tea chests

Imported solid pine wood tea chests from the English Tea Store are the cheaper yet good quality choice to keep your tea bags in order. Pine wood is a softwood known for its strength, shock resistance, resilience against shrinking and swelling, and durability. Pinewood tea chests are lighter and softer than any other wooden tea vaults. Its innate features make it easier to customize the tea chest by engraving the owner's name directly on the surface of the wooden material.

Black wooden tea chests

Having a black tea chest is a chic and stylish way to serve your tea bags in elegance, exuding a classy aura to grace your tea party or expensive restaurants. Get astandard black cherry-finished tea chest made of top-notch solid pine wood to put forward an upscale, sophisticated vibe as you enjoy tea time with social acquaintances and friends over a cup of your all-time favorite tea infusions.