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Tea Chests with Teabags

Our tea chests are a sturdy and decorative way for storing teas or, for tea lovers, they can make a good gift. Each of our chests is made from solid, finished wood and holds eight different kinds of tea, at ten bags each. Stash and Taylors of Harrogate teas have selections to pre-fill one of our chests, or the tea chest can be ordered empty. Refills of Stash and Taylors of Harrogate for tea chests can also be purchased from our site. The tea chests come in a choice of three finishes: light, cherry, and black cherry. Options include standard and deluxe tea chests, with the deluxe design having a better finish and brass fittings. In addition, chests with slight flaws, such as a small dent or scratch in the finish, are sold as imperfect chests through our store. To customize a chest, especially if it is a gift, a brass engraved plate can be included on the chest for an additional cost.