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Tea Chests with Tea - Twinings' Favorite Selections

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Best Wooden Twinings Tea Chest

Looking for a perfect giftable item to give your tea-loving friends and family? This Twinings Tea Chest filled with Twinings' Favorite Tea Selections is the one you're searching for. Share your thoughtfulness on any occasion with the best tea that the world loves to savor in every sip.

This Tea Chest includes eight different types of individually wrapped Twinings' teabags, allocated with ten tea bags per flavor. Choose your desired tea chest finish in cherry, dark cherry, black cherry, or a standard light finish.

This US-made tea chest has a hidden magnetic closure. Having very similar styles, the USA-made tea chests are constructed from a higher quality solid maple wood than our imported chest which is made from pine wood.

This Tea Chest Includes:

*Please note: Substitution of products may occur according to availability.

Get a brass engraved plate to personalize the chest. Call for special pricing for larger orders.

Tea Chest Dimensions: 12.5" Length, 2.375" Depth, 3.5" Height, 8" Width

Compartment dimensions are 2.75" W x 3.5" L

We are in the process of changing the latches on the tea chests. You may receive the one pictured or a new one with the hidden magnetic closure. Thanks for understanding during this transitional period.

Where did tea chest originate?

The use of a wood tea chest dates back to the early 17th century when tea, in industrial amounts, made its journey throughout the transatlantic via ship voyages. The first shipment of tea arrived in Amsterdam in 1606. The first tea chest is cube-shaped. The tea chest size measures 9 inches per side. It appeared to be most likely made in Japan, but the artwork illustrated on the first tea chest was interpreted as an Indian and Chinese design. Since then, tea chests are made to ship tea to the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Putting tea packs in a tea chest has evolved as the years went by. It not only holds the teas for shipment but also makes a lovely gift presentation and a storage container for tea sachets nowadays.

Why is it called a tea chest?

It is known that a locked box containing prized items is called a chest. With tea shipments traveling through oceans and seas in the old world, it was expected to encounter rough waters during the transit. The tea chest is a wooden container, also called a tea caddy, to protect the tea packets from tossing back and forth as tea was considered a valuable commodity product. Older tea chests were secured by metal fasteners and locked to prevent the ship's crew to consume the tea cargo during the journey.

What are tea chest boxes?

The tea chest boxes intend to hold the precious tea cargo to transport this healthy, therapeutic, and sophisticated drink to different destinations via sea voyage. These boxes were made in full wooden panels back in the olden days. Now, these tea boxes feature storage chests with clear sides that are usually acrylic in material.

An assortment of Twinings' tea selections in a high quality solid wood tea chest

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Tea Chests
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