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Empty Tea Chests

Our tea chests are a sturdy and decorative box for storing tea or, for tea lovers, they can make a useful gift. Each of our chests is made from solid, finished wood and holds eight different kinds of tea, at twelve bags maximum each. Standard wood chests come in three kinds of finishes: standard light oak, cherry, and black cherry. A black cherry finish also coats our deluxe model chest, which has a high-quality finish and stronger brass fittings. All chests come with felt lining. However, some tea chests did not pass our strict quality control and, because of flaws, are sold at a discount as imperfect chests. A flaw can be a scratch, knots in the wood, or blemishes in the finish. Because all of our chests are made with naturally variable wood products, a variance in grain or a slight difference in color can occur during manufacturing. This is not a defect but, rather, a natural characteristic of the wood. To take care of the tea chest, the wood should be dusted weekly and, every three months, should be cleaned with a cleaning enhancer, like Murphy's Oil Soap.