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Tea Spoons & Honey Dippers

Tea Spoons & Honey Dippers

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Tea Spoons & Honey Dippers - The best tea spoon and honey dippers for the perfect brew

Pour some sweetness into your tea infusions with a dollop of honey! Combining honey with your fresh cup of tea gives you the best mixture to enliven your day. It is the perfect natural sweetener to aid your brew in delivering the benefits of tea to your body. English Tea Store has an array of teaspoons and honey dippers to help you put in the exact amount of honey you need to make an excellent tea concoction. Scroll through our variety of stainless steel teaspoons, strainers, and honey pot sets to provide not only what you need for your honey and tea but also to add elegance that will complement your tea sets. Tea towels and cozies are also available in our roster of products to complete the whole tea table preparations.

Be stunned by this menu of teaspoons in different measurements, sizes, and finishes

Stainless steel silver and gold stirrer and teaspoons

Showcase elegance and timeless style by matching your tea sets with a hardwearing set of utensils in silver or gold-plated finish. Silver teaspoons go excellently well with the modern colors of any Amsterdam ceramic tea set or Genuine Brown Betty teapots. Gold teaspoons look luxurious with porcelain and bone China tea sets. Make a beautiful statement at your own tea party as you set up a lovely table, harmonized with a set of dishes and cutlery that look exquisitely altogether.

Cute decorative demi spoons

Put your personality on your cup of tea or dessert plate. English Tea Store has a fanciful array of demi spoons from tips with a heart, angel, rose, seashell, or the traditional vintage embossed design. Demi or demitasse spoons are smaller than teaspoons measuring 5 inches long at most and have a narrow bowl. It gives a sophisticated vibe to your tea presentation, making you enjoy your cuppa with great fondness and satisfaction.

Long-handled teaspoons to perfectly enjoy your iced tea!

Are you a fan of chilled thirst-quenching iced teas? Well, you've got to have a nice long teaspoon to match your tall glass! This Silver Ice Tea Spoon - 7.75 inches is the perfect utensil to dig in and mix honey into your refreshing infusion. This teaspoon is also helpful in stirring all types of drinks or scooping desserts. It measures almost 8 inches long and is made of stainless steel, guaranteed rust- and stain-resistant, and does not bend easily. Iced tea spoons offered in English Tea Store are available in sets of four so you can enjoy your cold beverage with friends or family members.

Honey pots and wooden dipper sets

Store your sweet honey in style with a variety of designs and sets that include a stoneware honey jar and a dipper. Honey pots come in adorable shapes and textures such as a cute beehive storage jar from Meant to Bee and Sweet as can Bee. They also come in vibrant yellow with a cylindrical honeycomb figure and a simple jar mold but oozing with a bright character. Each of these honey pots includes a wooden honey dipper to save you from drips and mess and is dishwasher safe for your convenience. These sets are perfect giftable items and tea party favors for other honey lovers like you. They are presentable in beautiful gift boxes with ribbons. All you have to do is add a dedication card. English Tea Store offers a separate wooden honey dipper in the product line in case yours need a replacement.

Matcha bamboo teaspoon and whisk

Prepare an authentic Japanese matcha infusion by using traditional utensils that are important in the entire matcha tea-making custom. The matcha bamboo teaspoon is called the chashaku in Japanese, designed with one flat tip curved to an angle that is intended to pick up a small amount of matcha tea and put it into your matchawan bowl. The matcha bamboo whisk, or the chasen, stirs the matcha mixture uniformly to achieve the thickness you prefer.

To make the best matcha tea, take one matcha teaspoon and put it into 75 to 100ml of hot water for a thin brew. If you want your matcha thick, scoop four to six matcha teaspoons and place in 150ml of hot water.

Loose-leaf tea scoopers

Infusing too much loose-leaf tea into your teapot can make things go wrong in your cup of favorite tea. The best solution is to use a premeasured scooper to help you brew the exact tea taste you love to gulp. The perfect cup or pot of tea measuring spoons are the utensil you need for a fantastic cuppa. These scoopers are made with stainless steel, making them a reliable partner to use for your tea for a long time. You don't have to guess how much is too much anymore when you have these in your tea set.

Use a teaspoon by knowing the right measurements

Is 1 tsp of honey enough for a sweet treat?

When you follow the golden tea and honey rule, one teaspoon of honey is perfect to sweeten your incredible brewed cup. First, you have to wait until the water is a bit cooler and the leaves are steeped when you drop the sweet treat.

How many ml in a teaspoon of honey is ideal in a cup of tea?

You don't want your tea too sweet. But what if a small measuring cup is the only available tool to use in pouring your sweet honey? Until a spoon is ready to serve your tea needs, trickle 5ml of honey that equates to a teaspoon into your infusion.

How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon?

Some recipes seem to indicate ingredients in tablespoon measurement. In some circumstances, you may not have a teaspoon ready to prepare your recipe. It's time you know the conversion rate when dealing with teaspoons and tablespoons. Basically, a tablespoon of anything implies that you need three scoopfuls of a teaspoon to get the taste that you want to achieve.

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