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Stash Tea

Compared to other brand name teas, Stash Tea is a relative newcomer. Since 1972, they have been providing tea picked from premier tea gardens and using all natural botanical ingredients. Each bag is packed in foil to ensure extra freshness.

Out of the many herbal possibilities, Stash ranges from traditional flavors like peppermint to mango passion fruit, licorice spice, and Sandman PM. Also, they carry a line of Chanakara teas, which are seven soul-soothing teas inspired by the chakras. In addition, as a variation on traditional Christmas tea, Stash has created three distinct blends. Christmas Eve Tea is an herbal blend of mint and spices, while Christmas Morning Tea is a mixture of black teas. White Christmas is a white tea version of Christmas tea, combining white tea with peppermint and ginger flavors.

Our website has over 30 flavors of Stash tea, including herbal, decaffeinated, and organic, that are sold in ten-bag packs or in catering packs for office use.