Condiments & Relish

Condiments & Relish

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Aside from different kinds of tea, English Tea Store has many British foods available through our website, including clotted and Devon cream, scones and puddings, cookies and biscuits, crisps, and sweets, with occasional specials. For most products to arrive in best condition, Next Day Air is preferable. Clotted cream is a thick spread that tastes like a cross between ice cream and butter. Devon cream, although similar, has more of a creamy texture and is less buttery. Both taste best as a spread with jam on scones. Visit our new British Food and Groceries Store. Tea cakes and pudding are other sweet British food options to have with a cup of strong tea. English Tea Store carries fruit-flavored Bronte and liqueur cakes and treacle sponge pudding in spotted dick and sticky toffee varieties. Such British snack foods as cookies and crisps can be found on our site, including popular McVities biscuits, Scottish shortbread cookies, and prawn-flavored crisps. We sell a few popular flavors of Walker's crisps, which are now made with sunseed oil to reduce saturated fat by 70%. Typical American potato chips may be called crisps across the ocean, but British chocolate, although called by the same name, is made with more milk than most American chocolates, resulting in a creamier taste. The English Tea Store carries popular English candies by Nestle, Cadbury, Mars, Bassett's, and Frys. Some candy bars, such as a Mars bar, may seem similar, but read the ingredients first. And others, like Maltesers, are a similar treat with a different name.