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Matcha Loose Leaf Tea

Matcha Loose Leaf Tea

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Want to learn more about Matcha Tea? Check out our latest article on the 8 Benefits of Matcha Tea and learn how to make your Matcha Tea with the Top 5 Matcha Tea Recipes guide. We also have Matcha Tea Recipes and Info PDF Download available if you'd like to learn even more and everything you need to make your next cup of Matcha tea on our Match Tea Accessories page!

The English Tea Store is stoked to offer you our wide array of Matcha loose leaf tea. Filled with antioxidants to help your body perform its best, come see what all the fuss has been about over the last couple centuries in Southeast Asia. Most of the world's Matcha tea is grown in Japan and has been consumed by Buddhist and Japanese monks for many years to help them get into the flow state and meditate. It has also been used as just an overall health drink. To where green tea is merely steeped, matcha loose leaf is consumed directly, giving you all the good stuff that the Camellia sinensis or "tea plant" has to offer! This includes a bunch of catechins, plant-based compounds that act as antioxidants to neutralize free radicals in the body that can cause illness and cellular damage. As well as a delightful combination of caffeine and theanine, an amino acid within the "tea plant," that gives you a longer lasting, no jitters energy boost. These two together will put you into a wonderful state of relaxed alertness ready to take on whatever the day may try to throw at you.

We got all sorts of flavors of matcha loose leaf tea to choose from. Whether you are an Earl Grey, Hibiscus, Vanilla, Mango or traditional green tea drinker, you are bound to find your taste and what suits you.

And if you are not sure if you are all about this hippy dippy tea talk, we have got sampler sizes available as well.

We also have dietary options that include Kosher, gluten free and decaffeinated.

Is matcha green tea?

Matcha is a form of green tea and in fact is derived from the same plant that most green teas are made from, the Camellia sinensis. The main difference between matcha and traditional green tea is with matcha the plant itself is consumed directly while green tea is steeped, leaving you with what the hot water draws from the plant.

Is matcha powder caffeinated?

Matcha is indeed caffeinated and has nearly as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Matcha tea has approximately 70mg/ 8oz vs. coffee's 95mg/ 8oz.

Is matcha healthy? Does it have any benefits?

This form of tea has been consumed for centuries by a variety of different people for different reasons and health benefits is just a couple of them. Check out our article on the 8 benefits of Matcha Tea here.

What is matcha tea good for? Is it ok to drink daily?

Matcha tea is good for quite a few things. Whether you are using it to start your day or merely help you get through it, matcha can do both of those with ease and do it quite well. The unique blend of caffeine and theanine allow for the tea to give you a healthy boost of energy and focus that lasts and sustains for six to eight hours. Couple this with the no crash/ no jitters and plenty of catechins, vitamins and minerals to help your body do its thing with style and grace, you got yourself a pretty potent cup of tea.

As with most things, you will want to take moderation into account when you are consuming tea. While it is ok to drink matcha tea daily, most people generally opt for only about a cup or two a day.

Best Matcha Tea Recipes

The English Tea Store has got a treat for you, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite recipes from around the internet for you to try today, check out our article here, Top 5 Matcha Recipes.

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