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White Loose Tea

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Our best-selling English Tea Store brand Pai Mu Tan White Tea blend is a loose-leaf tea with a smooth velvety flavor and delicate jammy notes. Pai Mu Tan is the highest grade of white tea available at less than astronomical prices. The leaves are plucked from a special varietal tea bush called Narcissus to create this coveted blend. It's the perfect gift for tea enthusiasts.

Also try our Earl Grey and fruit-flavored loose-leaf white teas. Visit our "About Tea" page to learn the best way to brew loose tea leaves. Our popular white tea sampler contains some of our favorite loose-leaf packs of white tea. Each assortment includes regular white, Pai Mu Tan, 100 Monkeys, Snow Dragon, White Eagle Long Life, Peach Apricot white and Oasis Mango white tea.

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