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Making Homemade Loose Leaf Iced Tea: Black Tea, Green Tea and White Tea

At the English Tea Store you can explore a large variety of loose leaf iced tea that include green tea, white tea and black tea blends! Our website makes it easy to shop with multiple filtering options and a smart search bar to help you locate the flavors and blends you desire most. Another few reasons to shop with us is that we offer a great value on the products we carry and quick shipping! Brewing with loose tea has several benefits which include being able to create your own blends by combining multiple flavors and loose tea is typically less costly than tea bags. Another benefit to brewing with loose tea is that you are likely to receive a higher quality consistently in loose leaf verses tea bags, often tea bags will garner the tea that is finer or crushed more. Loose leaf teas often have a heartier consistency.

Which tea leaves are best for iced tea?

That classic and delicious iced tea taste is the taste of black teas. Common black tea blends include Earl Grey, Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon. While black tea is considered the best for brewing iced tea in regards to taste, green tea iced tea has become popular along with white tea and even oolong tea. Any tea can be iced, it's all the matter of what you desire to brew and try! If the tea is too bitter for your preferred taste you can always use sugar, lemon juice, lemon slices or honey as add-ins to create the best flavor. A touch of honey will add a subtle sweetness or you can add sugar to create a sweet tea. The difference in taste will all depend on what you add and how much you add. Another tip is you can also add a sprig of mint to further enhance the flavor. To create an healthier beverage stir in some fresh fruit to your glass of iced tea and enjoy!

Loose Leaf Iced Tea Infuser

For iced tea, leaves need a place to be contained in pitcher while brewing or the leaves need to be strained to avoid having leftover bits of tea floating in your cup. Some devices used to collect tea leaves while brewing are infusers, bags and filters. You can also use strainers to gather the tea leaves as you pour the tea to serve. The difference between these methods is only your personal preference, many tea infusers and filters are very affordable and easy to find.

How do you make cold brew tea with loose leaves (recipe)?

Cold brew tea is as easy as combining tea with water and letting it steep while being chilled in the fridge. An average and recommended ratio for brewing tea is 1 tsp of tea for every 6-8 ounces of water or 1 tsp per cup. A typical serving of iced tea can be with 6-8 ounces so you will either want to configure the teaspoons of tea per water ratio by the servings you'd like to prepare or by the size of your container. Be sure to stir and strain the leaves before enjoying your tea.

How long to cold brew tea?

Brewing time can fluctuate based on how strong you want your tea. Grab your iced tea pitcher and you will want to steep your loose leaf tea for 6-12 hours or steep overnight in the fridge to create cold brew tea. You can also steep for only 2 hours if you desire a light taste, the longer or less time you brew will determine the strength and flavor of your tea. Before enjoying your tea, give it a nice stir and strain any loose leaves from the container if you have them brewing loose in the container. Cold brew tea is a great and easy way to enjoy a variety of your favorite blends in the summer time and the difference in taste is also fun to note from drinking it hot.

How much loose leaf tea for a gallon of iced tea (water ratio)?

Most store bought iced tea pictures will hold around a gallon. A gallon is 124 ounces which would allow 16 8 ounce servings of iced tea, you will want to have at least 16 teaspoons or 5 1/3 tablespoons of loose leaf tea to brew your galloon of iced tea. If you want to create a even larger batch just increase 1 tsp of tea for every 6-8 ounces of water. If you decide to brew your tea in the sun or at room temperature just pour your brew over ice cubes to enjoy.

Is loose leaf tea better than bagged?

Yes, loose leaf tea is a higher quality because it is derived from whole and cut leaves where as tea bags use more broken and dusty pieces of leaves. However, the advantage of tea bags is that they are convenient and brew quicker.

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