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Flavored Green Teabags

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Aside from our English Tea Store brand tea, we carry a variety of popular English teas, including PG Tips, Typhoo, Taylors of Harrogate, Harrisons & Crosfield, Stash, and Twinings. Although similar in packaging and size to our store brand, they are sold at a higher price. In addition, both Harrisons & Crosfield and Stash teas come in organic varieties that are certified to USDA standards.

PG Tips has been the most popular tea in the UK for the past 75 years. With its pyramid-shaped tea bags, PG Tips creates a stronger blend of tea because the webbed fibers of the bags allow more water to pass through the filter. The strength of PG Tips is comparable to most African and Indian teas.

Taylors of Harrogate has many blends offered through our website, including breakfast teas Yorkshire Gold Tea and Yorkshire Red Tea. Typhoo is another strong English breakfast tea we offer through our store.

For the organic consumer, Stash and Harrisons & Crosfield carry organic tea blends. Harrisons & Crosfield is a new product to the English Tea Store and, in addition to its organic tea sold in tins, has blends specifically for iced and hot tea brewing. Stash, although packaged in foil with strings and tags, is picked from premier tea gardens and contains all natural botanical ingredients. Stash comes in 30 different varieties, including herbal, organic, and decaf. The foil packaging allows for extra freshness.

Twinings Tea has been around since 1706 and was awarded the Queen's Award for Export in 1972, which explains Her Majesty's seal on all of the bags. After so many years, Twinings continues to create more blends, including fruit and herbal infusions, aromatic teas, and iced teas, which are as popular as old, familiar flavors.

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