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English Chocolate and British Candy from Cadbury, Nestle and Mars

Arguably some of the most recognizable names in the business of candies, The English Tea Store brings you chocolates from Cadbury, Nestle and Mars imported from the United Kingdom. These are delightfully decadent; you have to try it to believe it and see what they are all about! With high ratings from our customers, authentic English chocolate and low prices, these are just too sweet to pass up.

We also carry chocolate from heavy hitter brands such as Bailey's from the United Kingdom and Guiness from Ireland. Dark Chocolate Truffles from Guiness gives you creamy ganache in a dark chocolate shell with the classic flavor of Guiness Beer.

Cadbury's Crunchie comes from the UK and has a honeycombed center surrounded by Cadbury chocolate. Tasty and available for just as much as a local candy bar, what's not to like?

Mars Maltesers are the UK's version of the American Whoppers. And while they may share some similarities, don't let that fool you, Mars Maltesers are said to have a creamier milk chocolate outside and the filling is made from Ovaltine.

If you are looking to bake a cake, top off some ice cream or just plain want to eat it from the jar, Cadbury Chocolate Spread is right for any occasion.

For a lovely combination of Mars milk chocolate and coconut, Mars Bounty is your ticket to a tropical paradise.

Cadbury's Flake bar is a classic British chocolate, that you got to try.

And to round things off, Terry's Chocolate Orange brings the worlds of citrus and chocolate together in a nice package.

This was just a "taste," of our English Chocolate selection here at The English Tea Store, so be sure to look over every nook and cranny, or should I say, cookie and jammie? You just might find something new, your favorite snack or sweet treat.

What is English chocolate?

English chocolate has been known to be creamier and richer than to that of other chocolates. Typically, English chocolate is made with less sugar than most, this in turn will give it a less outright sweet kick.

Did You Know? European and American Chocolate Differences

The same chocolates and candy that you would get in the United States are going to taste different than what is imported from other countries, specifically to that of the United Kingdom. It should come as no surprise that foods from countries outside of the U.S. come in slightly different forms and these are no exception. This is in part due to different laws and guidelines set into effect for manufacturers to adhere to. For instance, to be considered a milk chocolate product in the UK, it must contain at least 25% cocoa solids compared to the U.S., which only calls for 10% chocolate liquor. This alteration in recipe gives the same brand and same kind of chocolate drastically different flavor profiles and even effects on health. For example, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar sees "milk," as its first ingredient in the UK version and "sugar," in the U.S.

Learn a Little Light History of Cadbury, Valentine's Day and Easter Eggs

The early history of Cadbury starts with John Cadbury selling coffee, tea and drinking chocolate in the streets of Birmingham, England, circa 1824. The company would experience a series of ups and downs through its tenure, only really bouncing back when the company's focus had shifted to be primarily just chocolate. Dropping coffee and tea that had been a staple for forty plus years, allowed them to really emphasize quality. In the 1860's new processes for cocoa that came about from the Netherlands were pursued in Cadbury's conquest to be the best. It was during this time, 1866, that Cadbury would first release heart shaped chocolate candies in fancy boxes on Valentine's Day. This would obviously take off and is still associated with the holiday, today. Nine years later, Cadbury would release their first Chocolate Easter Egg and by 1893 would have 19 variations that stocked shelves. During the first World War, Cadbury would go on to donate chocolate, books and clothing to British Troops.

Do Americans prefer English chocolate?

This is a matter of subjectivity and preference. Some Americans prefer English chocolate, while some people are going to be perfectly content with chocolate how it comes in America.

What is the best UK chocolate? Which chocolate is famous in England?

Cadbury is probably one of the most famous brands of chocolate in England, along with being one of the country's favorites. Other notable contenders for the cocoa crown and runners up go to Fry's, Walkers, Nestle and Mar's. All these brands are well-known and beloved in their own right, purchasing any one of these authentic UK chocolates is definitely not going to disappoint, unless of course you don't have a sweet tooth.

Where to buy English chocolate?

The English Tea Store is your premier spot to buy authentic English chocolate. We have a large selection of items imported directly from the United Kingdom and other parts of the world sure to put a smile on your face. With so much variety, from the British Isles, you'll wonder where all the double decker buses are.