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Cadbury's Flake - 1.12 oz (32g)

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Imported from the United Kingdom - The Cadbury's Flake is One of the Most Delectable!

Savor the unrivaled delicate, crumbly texture of the best chocolate flakes that taste like heaven! The Cadbury Flake is a delicious flaky chocolate bar, created by accident when a Cadbury employee at the Cadbury factory in Birmingham, England, dropped some chocolate onto a rolling conveyor belt. Cadbury Flake chocolate bars are made from Cadbury's milk chocolate and have a flaky surface.

This Flake bar presents a delicious treat with each chocolate candy offering the iconic pleated milk chocolate layers. The Cadbury Flake is light and flaky, forming smooth, creamy overlays that have a firm and almost crunchy bite that leaves the Cadbury Flake to melt deliciously in your mouth. It gives a sweet but not too compelling flavor, without the oily feel as it touches the palate. Each Flake bar contains 525 Calories for every 32g pack. Cadbury has surely made a Flake of heaven with each bar of this chocolate goodness.

Some compare the Cadbury Flake and Twirl, saying both are the same but definitely they are not. The Cadbury Flake is a chocolate bar made from Cadbury milk chocolate layered in flakes. The Cadbury Twirl, or the dipped flake, is made of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate flakes but smothered all over with extra choco coating.

Create the perfect summer treat with Cadbury Flakes!

Dunk a Flake bar into your favorite ice cream or accentuate the chocolatey taste crumbled to your cheesecake or mousse recipes. You can even put the flakes standing around your birthday cake as if holding it together!

Perhaps you're wondering how to melt a Cadbury Flake?

Unlike any other chocolate bars, Cadbury Flake chocolate bars are impossible to melt inside the oven. Add the Flake bars on top of your desserts or break them into pieces and spread them over your confection.

Are Cadbury Flakes gluten free?

Although wheat is not included in Cadbury Flake's ingredient list, unfortunately, Cadbury works around an environment where gluten products are made. It may still contain traces of gluten.

Where is the closest place to buy a Cadbury Flake?

You don't have to drive around! The English Tea Store gives you your favorite Flake bar within your reach. You are even guaranteed quantity discounts when you buy six or more packs of Cadbury Flake!

Ingredients: Milk, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whey powder (from milk), vegetable fats (palm, shea), emulsifier (E442), flavorings.

Other information: Milk solids 14% minimum. Cocoa Solids 25% minimum. Contains vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter.

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We would like to remind our valued customers of the option of adding an Insulated Shipping Liner & Cold Gel Pack to your order and ship by NEXT DAY AIR to increase the likelihood that your items arrive to you in good condition. All of our clotted cream and candy ships from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Please keep in mind how the weather is in your region and your distance from us when when placing your order. Thank you.

Features a delicate, crumbly flaked and rolled milk chocolate

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United Kingdom
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1.13oz (32g)
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Candy Bars
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