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Food & Pantry

Traditional English Foods

As you would have guessed, The English Tea Store specializes in not only a variety of teas from the United Kingdom and around the world, but we also pride ourselves on our vast selection of fine British Food and Ingredients. With a huge emphasis on providing you with a legitimate, truly English experience, most of our products are imported from just across the pond. And honestly, what a fortunate time to be able to do such feats. The ability to have something that is sold and consumed thousands of miles away has never been easier for the consumer and connoisseur of fine and exotic foods and products.

British Cookies, Candies and Chocolates

You can experience classic candies sold by vendors from around the Isle including the vegan Bristow's Cosmo Martini Bonbons and Bristow's Gin and Rhubarb Martini, chewy, soft candies that taste just like the popular potent potables they are named after. You can also get exclusive Nestle products native to the area to get a little taste of what they are like in a different part of the world. Did you know that the world-renowned Irish Beer Company Guinness also makes chocolate products? They sure do and according to our reviews, they are a hit.

Teatime Essentials; Clotted Cream, Scones, Jams and Spreads

And teatime can't quite be complete without our compilation of these popular and favorite essentials.

To start it off, we have clotted cream from the Devon Cream Company, when accompanied with a scone and some jam is most certainly something to write home about. This particular product has been compared to as being a cross between butter and whipped cream. If you are looking for a little more cream and less butter than the standard Devn Clotted Cream, Somerdale Double Cream is your ticket to creamy, whipped bliss.

To get a real crumpet into your life, Lakeland Bake will ship out pre-made crumpets right from the UK to make it just in time for your afternoon tea. Fluffy and not just for breakfast, these traditional crumpets I should say are fit for any time of day. As prepared bread products have a limited shelf life, these are shipped frozen.

Next up, to get your jam on without having to follow Dead and Company or Phish around the world, Follain of Ireland kicks out the tasty jams from classic hits such as strawberry all the way to rhubarb and ginger. If you are looking for something sweet to share with your scones, biscuits or breads, this is it. Bonne Maman also offers an array of preserves and jellies packed full of fruit and flavor all the way from France to your table. Duerr's, one of the oldest family-owned English jam makers also makes a Premium Blackcurrant spread fit for any occasion. Be sure to check out our English Tea Store exclusive honey sticks as well.

Snacks and Beverages

Alright, you are probably thinking, "all this teatime stuff is great, but what if I just want a little snack or drink around lunchtime? You know, without having to bust the tea kettle out or spread jams everywhere..." Well, we got that covered for you too.

Walkers' famous potato crisps (known as potato chips in the U.S.) are an English favorite, with flavors ranging from Cheese and Onion and Ready Salted to Salt and Vinegar and the more adventurous, seafood Prawn Cocktail. Think Jerky throws its hat in the ring offering Grass-Fed Beef Jerky and Free-Range Turkey Jerky with flavors such as Sweet Chipotle, Sesame Teriyaki and Honey Sriracha.

For some popular British Fruit Drinks, you would be hard pressed to find better options than what we have on the shelves. Robinson's Squashed Passion Fruit and Mango is a pocket-sized concentrated mix to dress up your water, full on the flavor and free of sugars. And Belvoir Elderflower Cordial is a lemon-flavored elderflower delight with fresh spring water, sure to refresh your palette.

Pantry and Cooking Staples

If you are looking to really spice up your kitchen and cupboards, The English Tea Store has got you covered there too.

Spiceology, one of our few brands from the United States gives a very modern take on flavor and in its product design. They offer iconic tastes and flavors such as Black and Bleu, Cowboy Crust, Greek Freak, Smoky Honey Habanero and Chile Margarita. With labels that look like they are more equipped to be in a science laboratory, you feel as giddy as a mad scientist in their lab in your kitchen.

Louisiana Seasoned Fish Fry gives you the best of fish and chips with their tasty mix.

To keep those dumplings on deck, Green's Fluffy Dumpling Mix is the sure-fire way to whip them up, all you got to do is order and just add water.

Croix Valley holds its own with delicious wing enhancers that include Parmesan Garlic, Garlic Ginger Teriyaki and classic Hickory BBQ.

The English Tea Store also carries British gravy mixes, as well as cake and dessert mixes and fillings to make your very own tastes of England at home.

Whether you are looking to host your very own tea party or you have a restaurant to run that specializes in English cuisine, The English Tea Store is your destination for authentic and proper British food and ingredients.

Popular Authentic British/UK Food Brand

Some popular authentic British/ UK Food Brands include Devon Cream Company, Lakeland Bake, Bristow's, Mrs. Tilly's, Somerdale, Duerr's, Walkers and Robinson's.

What is a traditional British food?

While there many food favorites that our friends in Britain have, some of the more traditional foods we see have a nice mix of meat, veggies and carbohydrates. Sheperd's Pie for example consists of minced lamb and potatoes, but can also include peas, carrots and gravy. Most Brits will in fact substitute the lamb for beef in some cases. This is what is known as a Cottage Pie. Beef Wellington is another traditional British food, it is essentially a filet of steak in a pastry. A Cornish Pasty is a pastry that is stuffed with meat and vegetables. And we shan't forget about the Fish and Chips, shall we?

What are the 3 most popular British foods/products/items?

Walkers potato crisps are a very popular British snack. The Devon Cream Company's Clotted Cream is also an English go to and Jacob's and McVitie's Digestives are on top of the list too.

Where can I buy British food in the USA?

You can buy British food in the USA right here at the English Tea Store! Most of our products come imported right from the United Kingdom and surrounding areas so you can be sure you are getting an authentic British Food experience. Along with our numerous products of tea, cookies, biscuits and other premade items, we also have a select amount of ingredients so you can make your very own British food right here in the United States with the same stuff that is used in England.