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Pairing Tea with Foods

Pairing Tea with Foods

Pairing tea with food is an adventure with different flavors as it provides an extensive range of tastes. Tea is a palate cleanser or mid-course transition to bridge a person from one course to the next. Just like wine, tea can also be used as a flavor enhancer to complete the culinary journey of a dish.

Breakfast and Brunch

People in the West generally prefer black teas for breakfast for their higher caffeine content, compatibility with milk, and complementary to Western breakfast foods. Examples of good breakfast teas are English Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast.


Cheese and Tea Pairings

Just like wine and cheese go together so does tea and cheese.

Chicken and Tea Pairings

The preparation of the chicken dish determines what tea to use.

Fish, Seafood and Tea Pairings

Japanese green teas, oolong, and smoky black teas pair well with fish and seafood.

Dessert and Tea Pairings

Tea and sweets can compliment one another very well.

Chocolate and Tea Pairings

Tea pairs well with chocolate, so long as the flavors do not overwhelm one another.