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Darjeeling Teabags

Visit our Tea Blog today to learn about Darjeeling, "The Champagne of Teas"

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We have Afternoon Darjeeling "string and tag" tea from England's Taylors of Harrogate and Twinings Darjeeling tea in a 20-count or 50-count package of tea bags. Try our English Tea Store brand of delicious Darjeeling teas. Consider a refreshing cup of Darjeeling by Harney & Sons. Our Tea Lover's sampler pack contains Darjeeling Mim Tea, Lovers Leap tea, huckleberry-flavored black tea, organic Sencha Japanese green tea and blackcurrant herbal tea.

We love teas from around the world for their taste, but tea is also a healthy choice. It contains disease-fighting antioxidants that can protect against heart diseases stroke and many types of cancer, according to medical researchers. Darjeeling tea pairs well with mild Camembert cheeses, spicy Indian curry, baklava, carrot cake and pumpkin pie. Iced Darjeeling tea made from Darjeeling teabags is a favorite with fresh fruit garnishes.

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