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Wellness Tea & Supplements

Wellness Tea & Supplement - Relax, unwind, and rejuvenate with these tea-rrific wellness, herbal, and functional tea collections

Sit back and relax while sipping a cup of green or herbal tea to refresh the body and energize your immune system. Iced or hot, teas are the best thirst-quenching beverage aside from water and a perfect replacement for sweetened drinks. No wonder teas are enjoyed in every corner of the world. Each infusion's inviting scent and taste gives a pleasurable sensation that generations of tea lovers adore, and we have those wellness tea collections available for you!

English Tea Store is the perfect online market to get your flavor-filled powdered, tea bags, and loose leaf teas. A range of regular and gluten-free loose leaf wellness teas, decaffeinated herbal teas, detoxifying green teas, and powdered dietary supplements in different textures and flavors are up for grabs to serve your healthy cravings. We offer a variety of choices to satisfy your delicate taste and health needs, from the famous green tea fruity blends to herbal infusions from ginger, turmeric, moringa, dried berries, and a lot more!

Enjoy your day with revitalizing Wellness Teas to cleanse and refresh, restore and relieve, calm and de-stress, and get the total body, memory, skin, and beauty wellness that you deserve.

Wellness and Herbal Teas

Teas are developed over the years to give fulfillment to the different needs of the consumer. As the popularity of Camellia sinensis teas gained its adoration from tea enthusiasts, herbal teas also have their following that dates back to a long history of usage in ancient times. Herbal and wellness teas are believed to have medicinal benefits as introduced by old Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian civilizations. This kind of tea does not only give healthy infusions but is also known as a source of spiritual representation in other cultures around the globe. Though some debate on herbal tea's eligibility to be called "tea" because it does not come from the Camellia sinensis plant, herbal teas continue to serve as one of the numerous home remedies in soothing body discomforts and common sicknesses.

English Tea Store names a few helpful wellness and herbal teas in our roster of savory blends. The Ginger Turmeric Total Body Wellness Loose Leaf Tea brings spice to your day as it gives the healing combo partnered with green and black teas. Packed with important proteins, iron, riboflavin, and other nutrients, the Restorative Mindful Moringa and Memory Wellness Loose Leaf Teas boost brain activity and keep you away from being forgetful. Feeling under the weather? Cold Bgone Wellness Tea eases your cold and flu with the infusion of citrus notes and ginger. Cleanse, refresh, and make your skin glow with every rewarding sip of these herbal teas.

Green Tea

Pour positivi-TEA into your cup as you relish the world's favorite tea blend infused with the citrus and apple or grapefruit and basil flavors offered by Twinings SuperBlends. Green teas deliver high antioxidant content since the tea leaves are unfermented, unoxidized, and are least processed, containing all the healthy aspects of the Camellia sinensis plant into your daily brew. These herbal green tea supplements are specially made to help you flush out unfavorable toxins. Savor your green tea at least three times a day with balanced meals and exercise regularly to heighten your energy and improve immunity from unseen viruses and illnesses.

Live your life to the fullest by keeping your body fit, beautiful, and healthy. English Tea Store also features green tea's healthiest matcha in various ambrosial blends and is offered in loose leaf or in tea bags.

Get to know the healTEA ingredients of these get-well teas

Do you know that authentic teas are made and harvested from one plant species only? Despite having different types of blends, teas are collected from the Camellia sinensis plant. Each kind of tea varies from the way its leaves were gathered, their oxidation levels, and the procedure tea leaves went through to give you a taste suitable for your palate. The tea's savory sensation is accentuated by natural flavorings as herbs, fruits, and flowers are added to the tea-making process.

The Camellia sinensis plant delivers antioxidants to help your body flourish and away from illnesses. Black, green, white, or any type of tea surely contains polyphenols from which the proanthocyanidins are the most active in teas. This polymer chain of flavonoids provides important antioxidants, known as catechins, beneficial to one's health. Every tea blend also has Theanine to boost mental health and offers a soothing attribute to destress the body. Theanine is an effective ingredient in teas to enhance intellectual competence and emotional volatility, keeping you in shape both in mind and body. Most teas have caffeine content to energize oneself. However, some tea products are sold caffeine-free for tea drinkers with sensitivity to this ingredient. Theobromine and Theophylline aid the cardiovascular system.

There are tea blends that don't come from Camellia sinensis. Wellness and herbal teas are processed from different fusions of herbs, fruits, flowers, roots, and seeds to brew flavorful sensations similar to the Camellia sinensis teas. These infusions, also supplying polyphenols and other antioxidants, share the comparable health benefits of black, green, and white teas. Wellness and herbal teas are a collaboration of plant life intended for a specific purpose to supply your body's certain needs.

Feel-good with tea therapy: The health benefits of drinking tea - What is wellness tea good for?

As refreshing as drinking water, teas are not only hydrating but bring in wonders to make your body fit as a fiddle and achieve overall health. Teas produce active properties to hinder oxidation inside the body, damaging your cells and causing complications to tissues and organs. Tea drinking also helps in reducing cholesterol levels, fighting off atherosclerosis or the thickening of arteries, relieving inflammatory bowel disease, managing diabetes, losing weight, and battling against cancer.

Tea blends bring down blood fats and control hypertension, making you evade the dangers of a heart attack or stroke. Teas dilate blood vessels, aid to lower blood density and avoid the formation of blood clots. A daily brew of this tasty beverage invigorates the heart and lets it produce healthy beats all day, every day.

Consuming tea daily eases you from stressful instances at work or pressures you encounter in life. It gives a soothing feeling, especially when infused with aromatic tea ingredients, lightening your mood and calming your mind. Tea aids your body to have healthy metabolism that drives away fatigue and keeps your spirits up to do everyday tasks with a clear focus.

This dynamic drink works effectively inside the body as well as outside. It shows on your skin! Some types of tea are composed of phytochemicals that rejuvenate the largest organ of the body, maintaining a stellar complexion and solving acne problems. Drinking tea regularly can help prevent skin cancer caused by constant exposure to UV rays. Tea is also an anti-aging agent that you can enjoy daily. It strengthens your teeth too! Tea contains properties to fight plaque and shields your pearly whites from acid and sugar. Drinking tea helps your hair glow and grow strong. Maintain your beauTEA and healthy body naturally as you imbibe the richness that a cuppa gives with every sip.