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Typhoo Tea

Typhoo Tea is considered to be the first pre-packaged tea, created around the turn of the century after founder John Sumner realized that tea leaf tips, and not the whole leaf, were better suited for calming the stomach during indigestion. "Typhoo" comes from the Chinese word for "doctor" -- an apt choice, as the tea was also recommended by doctors for stomach ailments at the time.

Economically, making tea solely from tea leaf tips resulted in 80 cups per pound. In addition to being the first pre-packaged tea and also more economical than loose leaf teas, Typhoo Tea was known for including picture cards around World War II in its tea packs. Card designs depicted leaves, flowers, Shakespearian characters, Aesop's Fables, and "Did You Know?" style facts.

Imported from England, Typhoo Tea is a stronger breakfast tea At English Tea Store, we have Typhoo tea in a variety of bagged amounts, loose leaf, and in decaf.

Typhoo Tea is a Kosher item.

Typhoo Tea - The Doctor Is In
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