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Twinings Tea Bags

Twinings Tea Bags

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Twinings has been creating great teas since the company was founded in London in 1706. A past member of the Queen's export award, all bags of Twinings' teas carry Her Majesty's Seal.

Twinings Tea Bags - Unwind and discover Twinings of London's finest teas and maker of the best English Breakfast and Earl Grey infusions

Sit back, relax, and savor a cup of the most favored English tea blends with luxury and style. Twinings of London puts forward its wide variety of famous premium teas loved all over the world. Each tea from Twinings is obtained with utmost care and is processed using the best environment-friendly way for three centuries and counting. As refreshing as these teas are, Twinings ensures that all the polyphenols and benefits you get from them are intact and ready to keep your mind and body healthy. Stock up on a well-trusted tea brand with the Royal Warrant, proving that Twinings always serve the best blends suited for every king and queen of the house. Go for the consumers' top choice when it comes to teas with the pristine taste and experience that Twinings provide to your tea table, whether infused from loose-leaf tea, tea bags, or k-cup pods.

Where is Twinings tea made?

The Twinings tea's exceptional flavor is established in 1706 by Thomas Twining. He built the first tea room at No. 216 Stand, London, and has been operating since it opened. Twinings is a highly notable British brand and maker of teas, coffees, hot chocolates, and malt beverages that holds office in Andover, Hampshire.

Looking for the best tea in tea bags? Look no further than Twinings!

Mastered in perfection, Twinings guarantees the best-tasting brew every tea aficionado loves to devour. Twinings offers luscious tea blends, each having a fulfilling and inviting aroma with a crispier and sharper natural flavor prepared in the convenience of tea bags that are perfect for tea lovers who are always on the go. Twinings has the best solution to prepare your favorite tea quickly with bagged teas that you can carry around and simply steep in a hot cup of water wherever you are.

What are Twinings tea bags made of?

Apart from the flavorful tea leaves inside every Twinings tea bag, the material used to contain these leaves are now made from plant or cellulose-based tea paper that is recyclable and compostable to help reduce land pollution. Twinings uses this tea paper material to avoid broken down plastic to affect the taste of the tea and ingested by the drinker. Aiming for a clean environment and your body's well-being, Twinings keeps these two aspects at their top priority when making the best tea blends the world can't seem to get enough of for 300 years. Choose a box of 20 or 50 Twinings British-style teabags to enjoy savings brought to you by English Tea Store.

Satisfy your taste buds with Twinings tea in K-cup pods!

Modern times and technology don't hinder Twinings to go with the flow. With the popularity of the Keurig machine in making a cup of blended coffee, this appliance is also a reliable and faster way to infuse your favorite tea. Of course, Twinings wouldn't be left behind with this advancement in tea brewing! Available in K-cup pods, your favorite Twinings English Breakfast and Earl Grey variants can be enjoyed in just a few seconds by putting a K-cup into the Keurig brewer.

The exquisite Twinings tea box and chest selections

Are you thinking of the perfect gift item for your family and friends who love tea? Twinings do have a lot more to offer not only for you but also for your loved ones. Each Twinings favorite tea selection in chests or boxes is composed of best-selling tea assortments and popular blends like the Earl Grey and Herbal collections, all gathered in one beautiful wooden casing. These tea chests with tea are presents that tea lovers would indeed appreciate.

Twinings has got it all for you! Take a glimpse and tease your buds with its savory flavors

Twinings tea has the world's finest blends with health benefits and other factors that either calm your senses or boost your energy levels. This tea brand has proven through all its years in producing, developing, and innovating teas that it is still one of the leading makers in the tea industry to bring you the best brews, regardless of which tea type you prefer on your table. Twinings' array of tea drinks never fails to work its magic for hundreds of years, yet it continues to be loved and adored by young and old generations. Why try other products? Twinings of London has them all for you!

Twinings Black Tea

Black teas are sure treats in the Twinings product line. From 100% Black, Premium Black, and regular Black teas, Twinings offer them to suit your palate's preference. Enjoy the boldness of black tea by Twinings presented in the most-favored variants such as Earl Grey, English Breakfast, English Afternoon, Blackcurrant Breeze, the Prince of Wales which was originally crafted for the former Prince of Wales in 1921, and Lady Grey black teas.

Twinings Green Tea

While sipping the grassy, floral notes of the world-famous green teas, Twinings makes sure you get every nutritional benefit from this tea type. Twinings Green Teas offer different flavors in organic blends with highlights of fruit and floral notes to make each cup as delectable as it can be. Green teas are even made base ingredients for other Twinings tea blends to amplify the positive effects that this tea type provides for your body's immune system and well-being. Twinings values that health is indeed wealth.

Twinings Herbal, Wellness, and SuperBlend Teas

If you're aiming for targeted health benefits and remedies for specific discomforts, Twinings delivers a range of herbal and wellness teas, such as the Twinings Camomile, Honey, and Vanilla blend and the SuperBlends Probitotics+ Lemon and Ginger tea, to ease your way out from sickness and replenish your body's vigor. These types of teas are infusions of herbs, spices, and other plants aside from the Camellia sinensis, giving tea lovers wider choices in terms of flavors and advantages.

Twinings also puts herbal-infused flavors and the famous tea plant together with the SuperBlend product line. It's like hitting two birds with one stone! Enjoy each SuperBlend's Immune Support+ Ginger and Mango flavored Green Tea taste while getting the certain features that every cup brings into your body.

Decaf tea - How is Twinings tea decaffeinated?

Perfect for the caffeine-sensitive tea lover, Twinings has the world-famous English Breakfast and Earl Grey flavors in a decaf blend. Indulge in these infusions every day or all day without getting jittery or hyperacidity. This Twinings range is decaffeinated at 0.2% and uses the ethyl acetate process to absorb caffeine and take it out from the tea leaves. The tea leaves are moistened or steamed at gentle, low temperature to remove caffeine, but still ensures that almost all the flavonoid antioxidants are still intact to serve their advantageous effects on one's health.

Twinings Cold Infuse and Cold Brew

Teas taste heavenly even when chilled and Twinings sets of products to quench those thirsts! Featuring Twinings Cold Brew and Twinings Cold Infuse, your iced tea or cold water is so much better compared to the usual lemon- or apple-infused flavors and enhancers. Brighten your summer lunch or afternoon tea time with a refreshing brew from Twinings Cold Brew, giving you invigorating flavors of peach, mint, wild berries, and other vibrant flavors partnered with unsweetened green or black tea blends. Hydrate yourself under the scorching heat but make sure you enhance the water's flavor with your favorite herbs or fruits. Twinings Cold Infuse does magic to your plain, flat-tasting water. Gulping your cool bottle of H2O is more revitalizing when you mix it with blueberry and apple, strawberry and lemon, or watermelon and mint notes brought to you by Twinings.

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