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The English Tea Store is your one stop shop for everything tea. Whether you are looking for imported tea from the UK or a lovely new ceramic tea set from the company, Amsterdam we have got a teatime set up. We got a hot deal on our English Tea Store Brand Solid Color Porcelain Tea Set that includes everything you need to get started, minus the tea! It comes with saucers, mugs and a teapot.

We also carry Individual Tea Set Pieces including sugar and creamer sets, teapots and saucers that will look great no matter what you match them with! Because we cater to every budget, we offer individual teacups and saucers along with a range of sets from our basic service for one or two to elegant multiple-piece dinner service tea sets with matching plates, serving trays, cake stands and more.

Our collections include Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, English Heirloom and Royal Albert. Shop our Teaz Café, Genuine Brown Betty, Adagio, Coastline Imports, Burton + Burton, Thistledown and Amsterdam brands. Choose your tea set in porcelain, ceramic, stoneware or fine bone china.

We have miniature tea sets that are a very popular collectible. We also have tea sets you will want to use any day! And even some that you will want to break out for special occasions! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask our staff. They are very knowledgeable and more than happy to help you with whatever your concern or inquiry may be.

The English Tea Store is used by restaurants and catering services all over the world for their needs.

What does a full tea set consist of?

A full tea set consists of a matching set of pieces used for serving tea. These sets come in everything from porcelain, fine china, stainless steel, glass, metallic, enamel to bamboo and wood. These sets typically come with a teapot for serving the tea from, teacups for the host and guests to partake from. The number of cups within a set range anywhere from 5-6 cups, even upwards to 12. An equivalent number of saucers are used to place under the teacups with stirrers and or spoons of the same amount. A milk or creamer jug and a sugar pitcher for dispensing sugar. What is considered to be a part of the tea set is also a serving tray that is to be used to carry everything mentioned previously and a kettle.

How to set tea table?

To set your tea table properly, there are a few specifics that go into this task. Mind you, proper European etiquette is set to accommodate right-handers considering most of the population is right-handed.

  1. The first thing you will do is place a tablecloth over the table, so as to avoid any spills that may occur.
  2. Next, for each guest or seat, place a medium to small sized luncheon plate in the center, this will be used as a focal point and for whatever snacks may be served.
  3. After that, a salad fork will go to the left of the plate and a butter knife on the right used for spreading jam and such on pastries or on other nibbles.
  4. A teacup with a saucer will go the right of the plate. The handle of the teacup should be facing at a 3 to 4 o' clock for easy access. A teaspoon for stirring in sugar, creamers or honey will go on the outer rim of the saucer facing upwards.
  5. A folded napkin will go next to the salad fork on the left with the open end facing away.
  6. A pastry fork will go directly above the plate with its handle facing the left.
  7. Butter, jam or clotted cream may be placed to the left of the luncheon plate.
  8. The tea strainer will be above the teacup.
  9. The teapot shall be placed on the right with its end facing the left.
  10. A Water glass will go above the plate.
  11. Sugar, tongs and milk will be top center with sugar more to the left and milk to the right of the serving tray.

What is a tea set called?

A tea set may also be called a tea service.

What is a traditional Japanese tea set called?

A tall Japanese teacup without a handle and usually made of ceramic is referred to as "yunomi." While the term for a Japanese teapot is known as "kyūsu," used primarily for brewing green tea.