Featured Teas of the Month

Featured Teas of the Month

Explore the world of our wide range of teas at English Tea Store through our carefully curated Tea of the Month Collection. Discover delightful teas that are hand-picked by our experts featuring the best pricing available! Every month we feature 2 teas at a discounted price that is 15% off all month long.

Each Month, we unveil and new tea temptation for you to savor. Don't miss out and be the first to know what we're brewing by joining our email list! Consier starting a tea-drinking club with your neighbors and friends and spread the joy of tea drinking with our teas.

Throughout the year, we celebrate the changing seasons with a variety of teas from all over the world. These teas feature rich and warming fall belnds to spring teas with hints of floral gardens, plus summer teas bursting with fruity flavors. During the holiday season, be sure to try out our seasonal teas that can also be a perfect gift to give loved ones, colleagues and friends. Our unique tea blends will have you feeling cozy and ready to take on the day!

Join us at the English Tea Store as we embark on a global journey and taste the teas from around the world! Be part of our global community of tea enthusiasts who appreciate the unique character of our English Tea Store brand teas. Start your journey with us today and experience the world, one cup at a time.