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Unique Teapots, Porcelain, Glass and Infuser- From beautiful and cute to modern!

I'm a little teapot short and stout, isn't it time to throw that old one out? The English Tea Store knows how much you like your tea, so why not get a new teapot to go with your order? We have a collection teapots and mugs from the United Kingdom, India and China. No matter what your style is, you are bound to find something you love. From Porcelain to Fine Bone China teapots, we got just what you need to get that perfect cup of tea brewing. We even offer glass, ceramic and infuser pots.

Our English Tea Store and Amsterdam brands offer a simple yet modern look at teapots while also being an economical choice. Available in multiple colors.

Teaz Cafe is the way if Stainless Steel is what you need.

Coastline Imports offer the classic teapot look with many wonderful floral designs made of porcelain and fine China looking like a teapot that's right out of Grandma's house.

Our Genuine Brown Betties will give you that authentic English tea drinking experience, imported right from the UK.

Whatever brings your fancy to the world of tea, let us bring to you some of the best tea pots to help you keep your lid and get a handle on your long day with a nice cup of tea.

Are teapots and kettles the same?

While fairly similar, teapots and kettles are not the same. A teapot is designed to merely steep tea, to where a kettle is designed to bring the water to a boil prior to steeping tea. Teapots are generally made of ceramics, porcelains, and some stainless-steel integration, but are not made to withstand the high temperatures that a fire or stoves give off in order to get your water to boil. Kettles on the other hand were made with intention of heating water up, much like a saucepan and can handle being put over a fire or on the stove in order to get your hot water.

What are the types of teapots?

There are a few types of teapots on the market today, to start there is glass teapots, used for green and light teas, dishwasher safe most of the time. There is also cast-iron teapots, which may serve better for decorative purposes. Then you have ceramic teapots, some of the longest used in the world then stainless-steel, which is a more modern design.

What is the best teapot for keeping tea hot?

The best teapots for keeping tea hot are double insulated or stainless-steel teapots.

Where to buy teapots?

The English Tea Store is your premier destination for all things tea. This includes teapots, mugs, accessories and fine English snacks to gift baskets filled with a variety of items we offer from our store.

If you have any questions, be sure to consult with our staff, who are very knowledgeable on the products we sell. We pride ourselves on offering some of the best products from all over the world available at a reasonable price.