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Teapots by Size

Find the size of teapot you need with our shop-by-size choices at English Tea Store. These discount-priced teapots in ceramic, porcelain, stoneware, glass and bone china are by famous-maker tea ware companies. Choose from dozens of styles and colors of individual-size teapots that will serve one or two. Our small teapots serve three to four people.

For sharing tea with friends, choose our medium-size teapots that will serve five or six people or our large teapots that serve seven to eight. For entertaining, choose our extra-large teapots that will serve nine or more people. We also have stainless steel teapots.

Our teapots are available from famous-maker brands like Wedgwood, James Sadler, Burton + Burton and Adagio. Shop our collection of teapots by Amsterdam, Teaz Café, Genuine Brown Betty and Coastline Imports. The affordable favorite is our in-house English Tea Store teapots in beautiful patterns or with high-gloss solid color finishes.