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Gift Baskets

Happiness that comes in a gift box or basket

See that big smile as your beloved opens up a wonderful collection of products packed in one gift set. English Tea Store offers a variety of gift basket ideas for tea and coffee lovers, mothers, fathers, kids, and the rest of your family and friends! Each gift set brings joy to any occasion with a striking collection of products complementing one another to give the best present to your favorite people in the world. We make gift hunting easier for you! Show them how important they are to you by handing them the perfect gift. 

Tea, coffee, sweets, snacks, gourmet, and chocolate lovers' delight

Every person has a unique taste or interest and that's for sure! Don't play safe by wrapping a gift that doesn't actually speak about your recipient. English Tea Store has it covered for you! We have an excellent array of gift baskets perfect for tea lovers, coffee enthusiasts, sweet tooths, and fine palates! Choose from our scrumptious selections and get glowing satisfaction from your receiver. Never settle for less! Why buy a single gift item when you can have a multitude of goodies arranged in one basket? English Tea Store has them all for you!

Tea and tea with cookies gift baskets: What does gifting tea mean?

Giving tea as a gift means you mean the best of health to the person you intend to share it with. Since tea is known to have health benefits, it is an excellent gift idea to introduce to first-time tea drinkers. Of course, tea lovers would surely jump for joy when you bring them a gift basket that includes their favorite tea blends accompanied by tea ware and biscuits! These teapot gift sets are specially grouped in one package to make your loved one's tea experience the best. Try our best-selling Afternoon Tea, Tea Lovers, Twinings Tea, Wellness Tea, Herbal TeaTraditional English Tea, White Tea, and Harney & Sons Tea and Teapot Gift Baskets for the complete combination of flavor and function in one set. More options are available with English Tea Store's tea gift sets! Let your recipient unwrap a heaping basket of packets of teabags or loose-leaf tea, jams, confections, and even tea accessories! These delectable sweet treats are surely one way to let the receivers know that they are remembered and loved.  

Coffee gift sets

Coffee is a way to jumpstart anyone's day and a wonderful gift to give for any occasion. Share its lively flavor and aroma with people close to your heart by giving them tasty blends, partnered with their interests wrapped in a complete set. Coffee gift sets are perfect for anyone that wants to to kick off their mornings and energize their afternoons. English Tea Store also prepared coffee gift sets with favorite pastimes such as playing golf or going for a hunt. These coffee gift ideas would be a delight to give on your dad's birthday and Father's Day!  

Chocolates, snacks, and sweeties 

English Tea Store assembles thrilling gift sets suited for your sweet-toothed besties! An array of Snacks and Specialty Food gift baskets is the go-to selection for those looking for the perfect sets of items fitting chocolate, snack, and sweetmeat aficionados, Present your sweetheart with the All American Favorite Snacks, the Chocoholics Survival Kit, or your family with the Bonne Maman Mini Jam Variety Pack to bring them their guilty sweet pleasures on any celebration. Fill the get-together with so much gladness and sweetness, especially when the celebrant finds out the opens up the sweet treat you handed them.

Kids' creative starter gift sets

Excite the creative side of every child by giving a colorful set, filled with art materials that will make their every minute worthwhile. Shop through our Special Occasion Gift Baskets to see the vivid hues offered by the Crayola Kids Gift Box, the collection of toys, confections, and art tools packed in a Kids Stop Activity Basket, and the Play-Doh series brought by the Kids Just Wanna Have Fun Care Package. Create excitement in the eyes of every child as they receive a vibrant gift that boosts their imagination and high spirit.

Best gift basket ideas filled with exciting assortments for every occasion and season

Whoop the party up as you surprise your loved one with a stack of perks and indulgences! The English Tea Store compiles the best brands, products, and treats in a gift box to make each recipient's face light up with glee. We have marvelous selections to give to your teachers, loving partner, the women in your life, and the men too. We also have assorted gift baskets for tea aficionados celebrating their special day or achievements. In joy, as well as sadness and illness, our thank you, sympathy, and get well soon gift sets are available to give appreciation and comfort to people who are important to us. You don't have to look elsewhere because English Tea Store helps you shop for your gifts conveniently and budget-friendly.

Birthday gift sets

Take part in someone's most celebrated day of the year by placing a beaming smile on their face. English Tea Store is an expert in putting together giftable stuff in one package! Young or old, we have something in store for your precious friend, esteemed co-worker, or dearest family member. Shower them with treats and surprises with a Deluxe Happy Birthday, Beary Happy Birthday or our Say Happy Birthday.

Gift ideas for Mother's Day 

Treat your mom to the spa in the comfort of her home by surprising her with a Spa Gift Basket from English Tea Store! Our mothers have the toughest job in the world, and we'd like to make sure they get the pampering they deserve on a special day to honor our gratefulness for them. Let your mother unwind and luxuriate over a rejuvenating Sweet Cherry Blossom. This spa gift package consists of scented bath and body products, some with different tea blends and tea ware, and other collections with candles and bath products. Our Mother's Day Gift Baskets also compile favorite tea blends such as the English Tea for One Gift Set, perfect for mommies who love to spend their "Me"-time over a hot cuppa. 

Father's Day thematic gift baskets

Reward every persevering Men-at-Work with a remarkable treat on Father's Day! Dads tend to be the Jack of All Trades and we all want to recognize all their sacrifices for the family. English Tea Store makes it easy for you to select gift ideas for him in marvelous sets that tell how you cherish him. If golfing is Papa's favorite recreation, then our Fore! Golfers Gift Pail or the Golfer's Caddy Gift Set is the one you'd want to give him. Does he like to hop on his boat to go fishing outdoors? Let him have this Fisherman's Fishing Creel Gift Set for his next adventure. Laid-back fathers would enjoy every content of the Bullseye Deluxe or the All-Star Sports Gift Sets as they chill out while staying at practicing target aiming or watching their team on TV. 

Romantic Wedding and Valentine gift items

Love is all around when your sweetheart opens a charming gift you give on Valentine's Day. Hand over A Big Kiss, Love Notes to your Valentine, Hugs and Kisses, or a Sugar-Free Valentine's gift basket to sweeten the day with chocolates, stuffed bears, and a whole lotta lovin'. English Tea Store has got a variety of gift sets for couples who take their lives to the next level. Raise your glass to love! Celebrate your friend's love story as you make their memorable moment by sending them your special Wedding Wishes from English Tea Store's Romantic Gift Baskets. Treat them to a Deluxe Romantic Evening For Two Gift Set for a honeymoon night they will remember forever. Be a part of their Happily Ever After as they enjoy your wedding gift box.

Presents for giving thanks and appreciation

There's no better way to show gratitude than to send a thank-you gift to someone who has been a blessing to your life. English Tea Store's Thank You Gift Baskets are collections of tokens of appreciation, offering the Thanks a Million Gift Box which is also available in a Deluxe Care Package. These gift baskets shout out a Heartfelt Thank You to a special person who has helped you in any way. Thank You gift baskets are loaded with confections or gourmet products to be enjoyed individually or with the rest of the recipient's family. Speak A Grand World of Thanks with every gift basket given.

No tricks just a set of treats for Halloween

Heat up the chilly Fall season by celebrating Halloween with fantastic treats in a whole basket of goodies and tea or coffee blends. May it be a Rocky Horror Tea Halloween or a Ghos-Tea Goodies Gift Basket, each set is sure not a trick! So gather every Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice to share with loved ones and friends, giving warmth to the spookiest day of the year.

Welcome a neighbor with a fantastic housewarming gift basket

Greet a new bunch into the neighborhood through a flavorful compilation of gourmet food, confection, and liquor. Don't knock on their front door empty-handed! It's best you take a Home Sweet Home Gift Box with you to Welcome them Home. Congratulate the new people next door on their new home and make friends through chocolates and a connoisseur of good food.  

Sympathy and Get Well Soon gift packs

Soothe the body and soul as you share the perfect remedy to ease pain, stress, and sickness. Give out a healthy present with a Green Tea, Organic Tea, or Just What the Doctor Ordered Gift Basket to nurture and enhance the speedy recovery of a loved one. Show that you truly care as you offer high regard for their health and well-being. English Tea Store sets up impeccable gift sets that match the personality of any tea-loving recipient and those who'd love to try the advantages of tea for the first time to improve their health.