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Ceramic Tea Sets

Treat yourself to a bargain-priced Amsterdam ceramic tea set from English Tea Store. These premium teapots with teacups and saucers included are a delightful way to share a cup of tea with a best friend. They're also terrific gifts for friends and family. Add our exclusive English Tea Store brand teas in loose-leaf or teabag styles to your order.

Amsterdam Ceramic Tea Sets, Simple, Elegant, Modern

Say hello to the tea set for the 21st century. Although Ceramic Tea sets have been around for thousands of years, there's just something about the Amsterdam series that looks fresh and with it. They got it right in having both a timeless, classic look coupled with an appealing modern edge. With their slick, solid colors, these will fit with any tea drinker's or collector's aesthetics, designs and decors that call for a visually stunning, no-nonsense piece. These come with a glossy finish, a 2 or 6 teacup and saucer count with the proper correlating size teapot, sugar and creamer set. All sets are dishwasher and microwave safe, making an ideal choice for your home or restaurant. Along with their good looks and rave reviews, these tea sets are some of the most economical choices we have available at The English Tea Store. If you have been looking for a Ceramic Tea Set to turn heads at your tea party and to not turn your wallet inside out, look no further.

We also offer individual Amsterdam saucers and teacups and sugar and creamer sets if you aren't looking for a full set at this time.

For our catering, restaurant and resort customers, we offer bulk-discounts on purchases by the case with free shipping on qualifying orders. Whether you need one set or twenty, The English Tea Store has got you covered.

Is ceramic good for tea? Are ceramic teapots better?

Ceramic tea sets have been used for centuries by many people who enjoy drinking tea. One of the first dishes and utensils made happen to be made from clay and ceramic, with tea sets being no exception. With ceramic tea sets, most people tend to use one specific tea per set. This is because of the porous nature of ceramics and clay, over time they can become "seasoned," with remnants of what was served in them prior. Ceramic holds heat for a long time while also being fairly easy to maintain and clean. Along with this, they are one of the least expensive on the market, making them easy to replace if you lose one or it breaks. Everyone is going to have their own opinions on what is good for their tea and what is better than the other. What I can say is a lot of people agree drinking tea from a ceramic set is a time-honored tradition and something to be experienced.

How do you use a ceramic tea set? Can you make tea in a ceramic teapot?

Using a ceramic tea set is pretty straight forward. Each piece within the set will serve a function and will play their proverbial part. You will however need a kettle or a saucepan to heat up the water you will need to steep your tea as using a ceramic teapot on the stove is a hard no and is not recommended. With that in mind, you simply heat up your water in a kettle or saucepan. Making sure all of your pieces of the tea set are clean, you can put your loose-leaf tea or teabags into your teapot. Pour your hot water onto your tea and let it steep. People steep their tea anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes, it really just comes down to personal preference. It should be noted, for a stronger tea, simply add more tea as steeping will merely make it a bit more bitter. Go ahead and remove your leaves or teabags, pour from your teapot into your teacups which should be on their saucers. And add creamer and sugar to personal taste from your sugar and creamer sets!