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Beautiful and Cute Teacup Sets and Saucers in Ceramic, Porcelain and Fine China

Whether you are entertaining movie stars, key players and titans of industry or you are just inviting your friends out for tea, the English Tea Store has got the tea set to do the job. We take pride in our decorated teacups and can confidently say you will find just the right set for any occasion, whether you want to give them away as gift or simply use them at your own parties. We have got a wide selection of teacup and saucer sets from a ton of different brands from all over the world, available at a lot of different prices, all good.

Our Philomena Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer comes in a set of 6 and is a classic, cozy design with floral patterns and gold trim. it's just the teacup set you would expect to see at grandma's house.

The Amsterdam teacup set series is prominent in solid colors and offers a contemporary look to the tea drinker who appreciates an aesthetically pleasing plain Jane look. This series is an economical choice and a great idea to get if you are throwing a last minute tea party.

The Milicent Porcelain Teacup and Saucer is just plain beautiful. The teacup set comes in a set of 6 and has a cool look with its subtle pinks and expressive blues.

Blue Magnolia Bone China comes to us from Coastline Imports. Imported from China, coming in 4, this set offers the same wonderful aesthetics you would expect to see in Blue Magnolia, but in a fine bone China form.

What is a standard teacup?

A standard teacup typically holds 6floz of liquid. The dimensions of a standard teacup run at about 3 quarters of an inch (20mm) to a 1 and 1/4 inch (30mm) tall at 1 and a 1/4 inch wide (30mm).

What is the difference between a teacup and a mug?

A teacup holds less liquid than a mug. To where a teacup typically holds around 6 to 8floz, a mug will range anywhere from 8 to 15 flloz. Mugs are also a little more hardy, sturdy and stout than teacups, which are usually, smaller, daintier and more delicate.

What is a Japanese teacup called?

A Japanese teacup will typically have no handles and is referred to as "yunomi."

How many green tea cups per day?

As with anything, especially drinks that contain caffeine, moderation is key. It is recommended that if you are going to drink tea every day, approximately 2 to 5 cups of green tea per day is the golden standard. It should be noted that that this going to vary from person to person. Everyone has their own unique diets and lifestyles, and this should be taken into consideration when consuming green tea.