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English Tea Store offers a great assortment of mugs in solid colors and lovely designs. Mix and match with our teapots for your own set. Makes great gifts, too.

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Like our teapots, our mugs and tea cups come in several colors and patterns. In fact, some of our mug sets match our decorated and Royal Patrician pots. Or, in the case of some simpler designs, like strawberries and sunflowers, the mugs and pot come as a five piece set. For a singular color and design, we have solid-color mugs with our logos printed. Mugs are larger and typically associated with a single serving of a beverage which, as in cases like a Tea-for-One set, a teapot can become a large mug. But what if you don't want to drink as much tea? A tea cup is another option. In addition to our mugs, we have many tea cup options, including antique tea cup styles and tea cup and saucer pairings. For the latter, many of our tea cup and saucer sets have a Royal Patrician tea set style, with flowers painted on the outside of the tea cup and on the saucer. Other options for tea cups include sets for five matching cups with the same designs painted across each. If you anticipate company, bring out these unique tea cup sets and serve a cup of tea.
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