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Discover Timeless United Kingdom Candy Classics: Sherbet Lemons, Travel Sweets, Mints & Beyond

Indulge in the rich tradition of British confectionery with our premium selection of hard candy and mints, including Simpkin's Original Travel Sweets, Bassetts Sherbet Lemons, Nestle Polo Mints, Murray Mints and more. The English Tea Store has imported directly these confectionary icons from the UK as they are timeless treats and have delighted generations. Learn more about the charming history of Simpkin's Travel Sweets, enjoyed by travelers since 1921, and savor the nostalgia of Bassetts Sherbet Lemons, famously adored by Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series.

A L Simpkin & Co. Ltd.

Simpkin's Travel Sweets have been a trusted companion for travelers around the world for over a century. Renowned for their high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes, Simpkin's offers an array of delightful flavors, including the soothing Lemon, Honey & Chamomile, the festive Mulled Wine, the refreshing Mixed Fruit, and the classic Barley Sugar. These sweets are made to perfection in Hillsborough, Sheffield, ensuring a taste of British heritage in every tin. Perfect for journeys near and far, Simpkin's Travel Sweets are a beloved choice for those seeking both flavor and comfort on the go.

Maynards Bassetts

Maynards Bassetts Murray Mints and Sherbet Lemons bring another layer of delight to our collection. Murray Mints, known as 'the too-good-to-hurry mint,' offer a creamy, smooth taste that has been a favorite for generations. On the flip side, Bassetts Sherbet Lemons deliver a zesty, fizzy burst of lemon flavor that is as exhilarating as it is nostalgic. Fans of the Harry Potter series will remember Sherbet Lemons as the favored sweet of Albus Dumbledore, adding a touch of magical charm to these already beloved candies. Relive your favorite moments from the wizarding world while enjoying the timeless pleasure of Bassetts Sherbet Lemons and Murray Mints from the English Tea Store!