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Rooibos Loose Tea

Rooibos Loose Tea

Try our best-selling Rooibos blends like the Georgia Peach Rooibos Caffeine Free Tea blend that pairs peaches with Rooibos. Our Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos Caffeine Free Tea blend from English Tea Store has a cinnamon spice flavor with vanilla accents inspired by New Orleans.

Our exclusive Godiva Roche Flavored Rooibos Tea blend was inspired by Lady Godiva. Like the legend of the woman who rode naked through the streets of London in the 11th century, this tea is best served natural - with no milk or sugar. To create our Godiva blend, we added cacao beans and peels, sunflower petals and vanilla to create a tea with hints of chocolate, vanilla, chopped nuts, citrus and orchid. Try all our unique Rooibos blends using an herb that's naturally nutrient-rich in iron, potassium, calcium, fluoride, magnesium and other good-for-you ingredients.