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Fruit Tea

Fruit Tea - Experience the best fruit tea punch

Adding fruity notes is a simple yet perfect ingredient to complement any tea type aside from floral blends. Fruits are the most widely used component in teas to create a tasty version with bits and pieces that everyone, young and old, loves to pour into their cup. Don't get stuck with your plain pineapple or lime juice. Explore the English Tea Store and the variety of fruit teas we offer to satisfy your palate and what your body calls for. After all, there's a drink for every need.

How is fruit tea made?

There are different recipes used to make refreshing fruit tea blends. Some concoct this beverage as herbal teas, using dried fruits, herbs, leaves, flower petals, and roots for a caffeine-free blend. Some master blenders also found a way to use fruit ingredients to make true teas more flavorful and enjoyable to a younger market.

Since its creation in ancient China, fruit tea, or Chun Mee adapted to suit the changing demands of tea drinkers for hundreds of years and still counting. English tea-making popularized the collaborations of true teas with fruit blends, bringing well-loved infusions such as the Earl Grey tea or the delicious combination of black tea and bergamot oranges to a successful blend. 

There are two kinds of fruit tea in the industry. Fruit blend teas are usually combinations of black or green teas with dried fruits, while another is known as mixed fruit teas which are fusions of herbal ingredients and fruits. These fruit blend and mixed teas offer more than 300 selections of fruit teas enjoyed by tea lovers around the world today. 

In making fruit teas, the fruit's flesh is grated into strips. These shredded fruit pieces are heated to dry until they are slightly brown. The dried fruit strips are then grilled on a hot, oil-less plane until they turn to a dark brown shade. This heating and drying process gives the inherently sweet flavor of a caffeine-free fruit blend that tastes like a true-leaf tea. 

What does fruit tea taste like?

Fruit tea is one of the best tea blends dominating the tea industry nowadays due to its vibrant flavors and the happy feeling it gives to each tea drinker. Sipping fruit tea registers an intrinsic sweet flavor with the dynamic tastes of fresh fruits and other tea types that you can enjoy with or without sugar. But with all the recipes available to make fruit teas, they can vary depending on the fruit ingredient included in the mixture. Fruit teas can be sour, bitter, a bit spicy, or even bitter because of their tannin content. Choose your favorite fruit turned into tea and experience its full-flavored sensation straight from tea bags or loose-leaf infusions. 

How many calories are in fruit tea?

Fruit teas are the best choice to drink for health-conscious people. Unsweetened plain teas, including Camellia sinensis and herbal tea types, generally have zero calories. However, some sugar-free fruit teas could give at least two calories per 100ml brew or a maximum of eight calories derived from the amount of fructose these infusions consist. Adding sugar or honey increases the calorie content of any tea. So if you truly value your tea sans calorie, keep your blend simple. 

What type of fruit tea is good for weight loss?

Shedding unwanted body fats is one of the few health advantages of fruit teas. If you're wondering which fruit tea infusion makes you get rid of excess weight, you might want to consider having tea blends with peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries, and apricots in your cup. These fruit mixes are low in GI and calories, and rich in Vitamins A and C to enable weight loss. Rooibos tea, complemented by fresh fruity flavors, is a reliable fat-burning beverage containing compounds that increase fat metabolism and block the development of fat cells in the body. Fruity rooibos teas guarantee effective options to keep you hydrated and healthy. 

Hot, iced, and everything nice

The best recipe beverage to have on chilly winter days or hot summer parties is a large teapot or pitcher of your favorite fruity liquid. The era of serving cups of basic fruit juices or water at family gatherings is over. Make everyone's taste buds jump for joy as you offer hot or iced fruit teas on the table. Hot fruit teas warm you up in the cold seasons, while iced teas are excellent thirst quenchers under the stifling heat of the hottest days of the year. Relish in the invigorating taste of fresh fruits combined with tea and sugar to get the conversations going and your guests fulfilled. 

Is it ok to drink fruit tea every day and is it really good for you?

Why fill yourself with drinks full of sweeteners when you can beat your thirst by drinking a full-flavored healthy tea? Yes! Fruit teas are definitely good for you to consume daily. These fruit teas are packed with vitamins and antioxidants to detoxify your body and boost your immune system. Like any other true teas, these fruity infusions leave rich amounts of nourishing agents to invigorate yourself. If you want to live a healthy life, scrap the carbonated sodas and include one or two tasty fruit tea in your meals. Remember to avoid taking fruit teas with an empty stomach as they encourage acidity and disrupt the activity of good bacteria in your tummy. 

Fruit tea recipes in loose-leaf and tea bags

Loose-leaf fruit teas are composed of dried fruit ingredients combined with other complementing ingredients that may also include Camellia sinensis tea leaves. Infusing loose tea gives a flavorful brew, sharing the natural sweetness of various fruits and blooms that your favorite fruit tea offers. Steeping fruit teas in tea bags bring convenience in preparation, taking with you to the workplace or stocking them up neatly inside your cupboard. Tea bags, however, may produce less powerful flavors since the tea dust and fannings are enclosed inside a limited space. Choosing a spacious tea bag is essential if you want a tastier brew.

Caffeine-free herbal fruit tea blends

Enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with caffeine-free fruity herbal tea mixes to revitalize your body. Satisfy your taste buds with a cup of Lady Hannah's Whole Fruit Herbal Tea which offers the perfect fusion of citrus and sweet through the inclusion of lemon and strawberry into the brew. This infused liquor is not too sweet and can be served hot, iced, or even as frozen popsicles. The Berry Berry Herbal Tea features a refreshing herbal drink, offering deep berry hints that you can enhance by simmering whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, and red wine to warm you up on a cold day. Extinguish your thirst on a hot day by savoring this tea with strawberries and mint leaves.

Who says children can't have tea? Of course, they can! Especially when you serve them a herbal infusion that does not contain caffeine or is too sweet that keeps their energy too high. A cup of Caffeine-Free Tutti Fruiti Kiddie Herbal Tea is the best choice to give your kids. This tea mix delivers the fresh fruit flavors your children love. They'd be delighted to have it in an iced glass or lick this tea mix in the form of ice pops.

Black tea

True teas use the vibrant addition of fruits into their composition to create a vibrant taste that will entice young tea drinkers to try these fruit-Tea blends. Ahmad Strawberry Sensation Black Fruit Tea presents a fantastic brew, giving you the taste of ripe strawberries in your cup. Its rich flavor goes impeccably well with the strong taste of black tea leaves and a dash of sugar to savor an improved infusion. Mangoes, papayas, pineapples, peaches, berries, passion fruit, bananas, and lemons are also good fruity flavors to complement black tea. So if you're into strong blended teas that are way different from the usual tea flavors, these fruit teas will suit your distinct contemporary palate. 

Fruity green teas

The vegetal taste of green tea makes it great to combine with fruits, herbs, and spices, putting this base tea type into a different flavorful blend. Lemon green tea is a favorite fruity blend among tea drinkers, having zesty notes that mix well with the earthy taste of this healthy tea. Pour a dash of honey into this brew and get the luscious balance of sweet, grassy, and citrus.

Some popular green tea fruity blends we have are mint, cinnamon, ginger, strawberries, apples, kiwi, peaches, mangoesblueberries, raspberries, pomegranate, and watermelon.

Boba-liscious fruit juice teas

Boba tea, also known as bubble tea, is blended using a recipe from Taiwan using tea, milk, fruit chunks, fruit juices, and some tapioca pearls made of tapioca starch that comes from the cassava root. This trendy tea provides some health benefits, having antioxidants for a better immune system and preventing the increase of oxidative stress in the body. Boba fruit teas are a sweet refreshing brew you can enjoy with different fruit flavors. But with its milk and high levels of sugar, this tea blend can have a lot of calories and carbohydrates that may lead to diabetes and obesity if not consumed moderately. Best-selling Boba fruit teas are those blended with black tea and milk, strawberries, taro, mangoes, and matcha.

What makes passion fruit tea so delicious, and what is it good for?

One of the most flavorful fruit tea blends involves the fusion of black or green tea with fresh pulps gathered from passion fruit and lime juice. Its mouthwatering tropical taste is highlighted by the piquant, tangerine-like flavor of the fruit ingredients and the sweetness of sugar. Drinking Passion Fruit-flavored Black Tea gives you a good amount of potassium, Vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, and necessary fatty acids. These health compounds contribute to healthy cardiac activity, reduction of iron deficiency anemia, insomnia management, along with nourishment and healing of your skin and hair. 

Tickling taste buds with mango and strawberry fruit teas

Mangoes and strawberries are the perfect sources of Vitamins A and C, with a pool of antioxidants good for your body. These fruits help enhance the tea drinker's immune system, smooth skin, and detoxifying agents to keep your body fit and radiant. These tropical fruit teas are enjoyed hot or iced, releasing the favorite sweet flavors of strawberries and the tangy taste of mangoes. Mangoes and strawberries go deliciously well with any tea type, you can see for yourself with our blends of Mango Mist black tea, Mango Lychee green tea, Strawberry Sensation black tea, and Strawberry Matcha green tea

Refreshing Southern fruit tea

Who can resist an impeccable fruit tea blend that promises a flavorful sensation to your palate? This invigorating Southern Style fruit tea is a tangy fusion of black or green tea with a lot of sugar, orange and pineapple juices, orange slices, pineapples, and cherries as a finishing touch. This tea blend is an exceptional beverage to present at any family occasion, summer get-together, or tea party. Make yours today and quench that thirst!   

A collaboration of flavors in sampler-sized packs and tea chests

With the vast choice of fruit teas you can find in the English Tea Store, we are sure you want to try them all. But we don't want you to purchase a flavor that you find is not suitable for your taste. That could be a waste of time, tasty tea bags or loose tea leaves if you realize they're not for you. We offer our best-selling variants in 1oz. sampler pouches. These samples don't just go in single; they go in sets of five or six flavors! So when you crave the Exotic Fruit, Fruit Kick, Fruity Tea Time, or Sweet and Spice Fruit blends, know that the English Tea Store has sample pouches waiting to be included in your cart. Wait, there's more! We also feature the Twinings Fruit Flavor Tea Selections in Tea Chests to serve as a fantastic gift item for your tea-loving friend or family member. Great, isn't it?