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Easter Chocolate & Candy

Easter Chocolate & Candy

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Easter Chocolates - Start the Easter egg hunts! Buy the best British chocolate biscuit and candy brands

Giving chocolate eggs started in 1873 to make Easter more exciting and meaningful for the young and the kids at heart. Cadbury was one of the sweet names to dive into this tasty tradition every Easter. It has been more than the Easter egg hunts since these chocolate treats came into the picture. The season turned out to be a season of giving a delicious treat to commemorate the occasion to represent new life and rebirth. After days of fasting during the Lenten season, chocolate Easter eggs, candies, and bunny-shaped confections are something to look forward to. Celebrate Easter with tea parties, having family and friends over to indulge in your favorite brewed cup and a lot of Easter chocolate treats. These goodies are a true reward for a sweet tooth! English Tea Store provides an array of chocolate brands to purchase your Easter sweeties and other chocolate products. Add some more to your cart to gift your loved ones and some to hide for your Easter egg-hunting games. 

UK's Cadbury Easter egg treats

Surprise your Easter egg hunters when they open these delectable Cadbury Crunchie Easter and Flake's Thoughtful Gesture eggs. These mouthwatering goodies have hollow milk chocolate eggs with either two Cadbury Crunchie eggs or three Flake treat-sized bars inside. Devour Cadbury Crunchie's golden honeycombed center filling that is covered all over with the luscious Cadbury milk chocolate. Cadbury Flake offers crumbly textured, pleated milk chocolate layers. It is so heavenly it resurrects your sweet taste buds too after getting off from abstinence with food pleasures. Chocolates this good are also meant to be shared. English Tea Store carries the 80g Cadbury Mini Eggs bag. These small eggs have solid milk chocolate oval orbs, each encased in a crispy sugar shell coating.

Cadbury has a lot more for you this Easter! English Tea Store has Cadbury Twirl Thoughtful Gesture Egg, the Dairy Milk Orange Mousse Bunny, and Creme and Caramel Eggs in the selection of Easter chocolate treats.     

The English Mars Easter chocolate candies, eggs, and bunnies

Easter chocolates come in bunny shapes too! Mars Maltesers make the best-tasting chocolate bunny rabbits for everyone to enjoy munching on. These cute chocolates offer two variants: milk and white chocolate. Both bunny flavors are filled with crunchy honeycomb bits and a creamy malt center. Chomp on these chocolate bunnies as they are, or have them as decorations on your Easter cake and dessert recipes.

Mars Celebrations presents a variety of different Mars chocolates in one Easter Mix goodie bag. Each pouch comes with bite-sized Mars favorites such as Mars, Snickers, Twix, Bounty, Galaxy, Milky Way, Galaxy Caramel, and Malteser Mini Bunnies. Enjoy the bursting flavors you can find in one package. Anyway, it's a celebration!

The chocolate Easter egg is another Mars treat to get for the season. Mars' Galaxy Indulgence Luxury Easter has three Galaxy chocolate bar variants, Smooth, Caramel, and Chocolate Crumble, kept inside a large hollow milk chocolate egg. Savor an out-of-this-world taste with Mars Galaxy present at your Easter egg-hunting and giving activities.     

Shop Nestle's classic Easter sweets

Make egg hunts more thrilling by not just putting plastic toy eggs for the kids to look for. Place a delicious Easter egg trail with a Milkybar or Smarties Egg Hunt Pack. The Easter eggs form a great part of hunting prizes or giveaways. Nestle's Yorkie and Aero Bubbles Easter Eggs are perfect for this holiday. Yorkie serves a chunky chocolate egg with two Yorkie bars inside, while Aero Bubbles has a chocolate-filled center with air bubbles and a lush chocolate shell. Accompany those eggs with these cute KitKat bunnies made of smooth and creamy milk chocolate with a crunchy wafer chocolate center. Smarties also have its chocolate bunny treat to offer your Easter party. The Smarties bunny is composed of Nestle milk with bits of milk chocolates covered in a crisp sugar shell in different colors. Set up a fun and fantastic Easter gathering in the presence of family with one of the most delectable chocolate brands in the world.  

Kinder Easter sweetmeats for the young and not-so-old

Go for a complete package! Kinder has all you need to place an "egg-citing" trail for your egg-hunting games. The Kinder Easter Maxi Kit consists of 21 pieces of Kinder chocolate with Kinder figures, Kinder mini eggs, Kinder Schoko-bons, and signages packed in one box overflowing with surprises. Kinder Surprise's Hollow Figures share an exciting feeling as you indulge in their decadent milk chocolate shaped in little characters that children would love to find along the hunting trail. This Italian chocolate brand is owned by Ferrero SpA. English Tea Store also has the Ferrero Rocher Crispy Mini Eggs available in cocoa and hazelnut flavors to give as gifts during the Easter season.  

What are Easter eggs in the UK?

Chocolate Easter eggs are the best treats every British young one is excited to have during the Easter celebrations. There are millions of chocolate eggs sold and consumed in the United Kingdom, with colorful and tasty Easter chocolate figures to make delightful souvenirs and gift items perfect for the occasion. The time for painting chicken eggs for Easter as a tradition is made more fun and rewarding by hunting for chocolate Easter eggs. Even the pastries look more mouthwatering with delectable chocolate Easter characters as toppings. It's a good thing English Tea Store is an avenue where you can choose the best Easter chocolates for you and your loved ones.  

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