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Custard Creams

Custard Creams

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Perfectly crafted delicious British Custard Cream Biscuits

Get the fulfilling tea experience package by serving delectable custard creams on the table with your soothing tea blend inside your elegant teapot set. This classic British concoction is the perfect sandwich biscuit to complement any tea type with its sweet, creamy texture. Lucky for you! English Tea Store has a wide variety of this famous British cookie, cake, puff, biscuit, or whichever your region calls a custard cream pastry and a whole lot more of Britain's finest goodies. We carry custard cream biscuits from McVities Crawford's, Hills, Jacob's, and Bolands. Flavored custard creams in raspberry, ginger, double chocolate, and coconut as also up for grabs! We even offer the original custard powder by Bird's and the Ambrosia Devon Custard if you want to create your homemade custard cream sandwich recipes. Custard cream cookies are a terrific item to gift your friends and family, especially on St. Patrick's day. Get them this Shamrock Gift Basket to enjoy a box of Boland's custard cream biscuits with Barry's Tea and English Tea Store's Irish Breakfast tea blend. Join the bandwagon and do the tea-style British people love to set up for their breakfast or afternoon tea. Satisfy your taste buds with this sweet treat popular in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. 

What is UK's custard cream?

Custard cream biscuits are believed to serve the Britons' tea setting after the Victorian age as a decorative dessert. But who can resist devouring such a lovely confection by just displaying and staring at it while sipping a cuppa? Its acceptance and following started in tea gatherings in England with intricately designed baroque-patterned custard cream biscuit sandwiches carrying the iconic Victorian-era ferns that were adored fashionably in the second half of the 19th century. The traditional custard cream cookies have a smooth, custard-flavored butter or vanilla extract filling, making them even more irresistible to indulge in. This mouth-watering British classic puts forward a creamy taste and consistency that melts in your mouth and usually complements any served tea on the table. Custard cream mini cakes are ranked as one of the British people's favorite treats since childhood and have evolved over the years to include different flavors in the filling's mixture. These little sandwiches, as a matter of fact, were also acknowledged as the eighth most famous biscuits to dunk into a tea infusion in the United Kingdom.     

When were custard cream puffs first invented?

There was no concrete basis for when the custard cream cookies were first created. However, some note that these biscuits originated in 1908. It is a delicious British classic that people are fond of serving in the United Kingdom since Queen Victoria's reign.

How long does a custard cream biscuit last before it goes bad?

Once you open a pack of your favorite custard cream biscuit, feel free to enjoy their freshness within three days by keeping the unconsumed pieces in an airtight container and refrigerating them. But most probably you won't be storing custard cream cookie leftovers because you'll definitely love every divine bite of this sweet confection.     

How many calories are in a British Custard Cream cake?

Custard cream biscuits are perfect to provide energy to kick start your day, and are rich in protein and calcium because of their dairy ingredient. But if you're worrying about the calories that could affect your weight, one piece of McVities custard cream cookie with a 12-gram serving gives you 59 calories. You can shed these calories by 5-minute swimming, cycling for 9 minutes, jogging for 7 minutes, or walking for 16 minutes within the neighborhood.      

The best flavorful custard creams cookies to suit a distinctive palate

English Tea Store offers a selection of custard cream biscuits and crackers that go excellently with your breakfast or afternoon tea. We provide not only the classic custard cream goodness but also surprise you with different flavorful twists to make your favorite biscuit more scrumptious and fulfilling. Most of these custard cream mini sandwiches are recommended for the straight-edge vegan! Order one now and see the reason why these goodies are one of the most favorite English bite-sized treats.

Savory ginger biscuits, chocolate fillings, and coconut creams suitable for vegans

Fox's has been providing delectable biscuits with a crunch since 1853. It has put a mouth-watering sensation as they produce their crunch cream products. The English Tea Store carries two of its variants! We have Fox's ginger crunch cream that puts together two crunchy ginger-flavored biscuits with a creamy center filling. Its double chocolate label has a thick chocolate cream center pressed in between two chocolate cookies. Get the cream of the crunch and buy Fox's crunch cream only at English Tea Store. 

Bolands creates a tasty tropical mouth-feel with its Coconut Cream product. It has a soft, crumbly biscuit with mallow on top smothered with pink and white coconut sprinkles. Bolands' biscuits are imported from Ireland and manufactured under the Jacob Fruitfield Food Group. 

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