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Christmas Crackers

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  1. Tom Smith Silver & White Cube Christmas Crackers - 6 pack
  2. Tom Smith Fun Family Christmas Crackers-Novelty Reindeer Runway Game 12pack
  3. GiftMaker Penguin & Snowman Christmas Crackers - 9 Pack

    GiftMaker Penguin & Snowman Christmas Crackers - 9 Pack

    SKU: TEASXCK1000045799
    $11.99 $4.69
  4. Pudding Lane Santas & Penguins Christmas Crackers - 12 pack
  5. Tom Smith White & Red Script Family Christmas Crackers - 12 Pack

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5 Item(s)

Christmas crackers are a holiday tradition on both sides of the Atlantic. Our store carries various English Christmas crackers, which are tubes covered in paper that crack or pop when you break them open. Once popped open, a Christmas cracker reveals a small treat or toy inside. All pull apart Christmas crackers have a small item inside, but higher-priced versions often have nicer items. Each set of Christmas crackers in covered in shiny paper for the holiday season and comes in packs of six or twelve.

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