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Christmas Teapots

Nothing quite warms the bones on a cold, dreary, wintery evening like a nice cup of freshly brewed tea. This time of year brings a lot of good with it both in the world and within people, but if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you know the feeling this season brings all too well. The fall leaves have disappeared from the trees. The temperature has dropped, and that dirty four-letter word (snow) has made its appearance and isn't going anywhere. We have cleared out our closets in hopes of finding our elusive winter clothes. But! There are some things you can do to help combat that gloomy, grey chill. Like making yourself up some of your favorite tea. And instead of fighting the season, why not go ahead and use your special seasonal teapot filled with vibrance and color. Embrace it like you are riding that wave in Maui and you know how to surf. The English Tea Store is your go to for all things tea, especially when it comes to holiday themed teapots and sets.

Holiday Themed Teapots and Sets

The Red Poinsettia Tea Set brings it with it some lovely holiday flare and is a full set that comes with everything you need to throw your own tea party of four. It comes with a teapot, creamer and sugar set, four teacups and four saucers. All you will need to go with this is the kettle to heat your water up and to invite your friend and family over to celebrate another day of living.

Another beautiful set that has its own appeal is the Shabby Rose Pink Porcelain Tea Set. It has its own floral design on top of pink porcelain giving it a real pretty and festive look. This is another set that has a four-cup teapot, sugar and creamer set and four teacups with four saucers. I would have to say that's not too shabby at all.

And if you are looking for the tea set to bring out for your annual holiday dinner, the Sandra's Rose Bone China Tea Set is your ticket. This set radiates beauty and elegance at its finest, just hoping to be used at the most special of times.

Tea for One Sets - Christmas Teapot and Cups

Our Tea for one sets are perfect for those of us that just want to sit down for a moments worth of time, take a couple sips and just be grateful for the day.

The Holly Christmas Porcelain Set is festive, practical and just really nifty. All of the pieces fit together to give you a compact and sleek look while also saving space wherever you may be storing it. This is the set you want if you wish to celebrate if even just for a moment by yourself.

Similar to the Red Poinsettia Porcelain Set above, the Poinsettia Porcelain Tea for One has all the aesthetics and flare while being available in a smaller more ergonomic set.

Christmas Tea

In addition to Christmas Teapots, The English Tea Store also has some of our very own blends made specifically with this season in mind. To see what they are all about keep reading and check out the links below.

For a truly unique blend our Swiss Hot Chocolate Flavored Black Tea is a loose leaf from Sri Lanka, sure to make you feel like you are dinking a warm cup of hot cocoa, nice and cozy.

For another loose-leaf blend with flavor profiles of caramel, cinnamon and ginger, the English Tea Store's Vienna Egg Nog Flavored Black Tea is just a classic holiday tea in the making.

And to round out English Tea Store brand teas, we have the Holiday Spiced Flavored Black Tea. This is another loose-leaf tea featuring notes of cinnamon, orange and clove, bringing together all the spices you think of when you think of the holidays.

To have the warm smell of gingerbread fill your home, The Twining's Herbal Tea Gingerbread Joy aims to do just that with their fine mix of black teas, cinnamon and ginger. This tea is so good, our customers have found themselves buying more boxes than anticipated.

The English Tea Store Christmas Shop

If you didn't find what you are looking for here, be sure to check out our Christmas Shop which is full of specials and goodies to get this holiday season. From our Christmas Candy selection imported from the United Kingdom such as Cadbury, Mars and Nestle to Christmas Crackers, Pudding, Stocking Stuffers and more! You are sure to find something wonderful to give away. Or who knows, maybe you'll find something to keep for yourself.