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Confectionery, Chocolates and Candies - Satisfy your sweet tooth from the makers of best British snack brands

Dreaming of mouthwatering, irresistible sweet pieces? These sugary and chocolatey treats are within your reach through the English Tea Store! England's best candy bars, chocolate goodies, and other sweetmeats of different shapes, sizes, and textures are offered by the world-famous English chocolate and British candy names in the market.

Cadbury, Bassett's, Mars, and Nestle delight your taste bud all year round, especially on joyous occasions! Black Magic by Nestle is a delicious selection of chocolates filled with different flavors. The 600g Quality Street tub is another popular British candy in large tins to make as a popular gift. Bassett's wine gums and licorice Allsorts are colorful and chewy candies that come in a variety of colors in a box. Bassett's, in addition, carries other fruit-flavored candies, such as apple-flavored chewy candy. These candy treats are also perfect to enliven the Christmas season with the world-favorite Cadbury products, and those in selection bundles packaged in Holiday stockings. The Cadbury Curly Wurly, Flake, Mini Snow Balls, Winter Mint Crisp, and Twirl are smile inducers to kids and kids-at-heart when they see these inside their Christmas goodie bags. Turkish delight, toffees, and fudge are offered in appropriate Christmas candy boxes to give out as presents. All you need to do is add a Christmas-themed ribbon!

There's no need to book trips to the UK anymore just to avail these packed desserts. Hence, we will deliver them to you right to your doorstep so friends across the pond can munch on these scrumptious British sweets with much fun and delight. Give in to your craving and enjoy pleasurable tidbits that you can share with family, friends, and loved ones.

Hear ye! Hear ye! We know you love chocolates and candy sweets. But, do you know how these heavenly foods were developed? Enrich your sweet history with this trivia. The first candy form was made with honey, fruits, and nuts! Egyptian, Arabic, and Chinese sweet tooths concocted the world's favorite sweet treat, named "candy" in the 13th century which derived from the Arabic "qandi" or "made of sugar". The texture of candies depends on the temperature they were put into during production. One of the oldest hard candies was made using barley sugar from barley grains. Time went on, making peppermints and lemon drops famous in the 19th century.

Chocolates, on one hand, started with the Mayan and Aztec cocoa beans as a form of beverage. With the European conquest in 1519, Spain discovered the cacao tree in Mexico and brought it to Europe for cultivation. The first chocolate candy bars were developed in 1847 by Joseph Fry who introduced bittersweet chocolates. Henry Nestle and Daniel Peter enhanced the chocolate candy bar recipe in 1875, giving birth to the milk chocolate craze that we love to devour today.

Cadbury: The popular English snack box filled with lush Dairy Milk chocolates, Crunchie, Flake, and Curly Wurly bars

Indulging the world's senses for almost 200 years, Cadbury has become the most favored brand when it comes to chocolate goodness. From its humble beginnings in 1824 started by its founder, John Cadbury, this sealed confection grew to nearly 30 sub-brands today and continues to enchant generations of chocolate lovers throughout time.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk melts everyone's heart with every piece of its smooth and creamy texture, available in caramel, fruit and nut, and whole nut variants to spell a few. Cadbury Curly Wurly is a favorite twisty treat with braided chewy caramel, coated with Cadbury's trademark milk chocolate. Its shape forms three flattened and conjoined winding strings that you can enjoy flexing, coiling, or pulling. This Curly Wurly candy bar is an all-time favorite that makes you remember what childhood feels like.

Munch on the crumbliness of Cadbury Flake chocolate candy bar. Each Flake has a secret recipe that is incomparable to any other British sweet. It boasts its iconic thinly folded milk chocolate that softens but does not melt when heated. Cadbury Flake is a delectable addition to dessert servings, making them even more delicious. The Cadbury Crunchie offers a crisp golden bar made of honeycomb coated with milk chocolate. As its name connotes, Crunchie bursts in crusty bits that bring in that gratifying texture and taste.

Savor one of the best candy bars in the world and have Cadbury add to your happy moments.

Mars: A Celebration of the Galaxy's best chocolate Maltesers

Delivering popular British sweets to generations of chocolate lovers, Mars Inc. brings festivities a joyful kick you can chow or share with friends and family. The Mars Celebrations tub is the perfect candy selection to give away as a gift item. Each container has a brimful of mini Mars treats such as the Maltesers Teasers, Mars bars, Milky Way, Snickers, Galaxy, Twix, Bounty, and Galaxy Caramel. Save yourself from worrying about a great item to gift a sweet tooth! Celebrations got you covered to "Share the Joy" around.

Galaxy chocolate candy bars provide a variety of mouth-watering variants from its smooth caramel flavor, creamy milk chocolate delight, and its Ripple sub-brand. Galaxy has been one of the dominating chocolate bar products in the United Kingdom and offers a chewy caramel option for those whole love extra sweetness. A bite of this divine confection relishes the lustrous fine chocolate that everyone in this galaxy indulges in.

Maltesers is no ordinary chocolate goodie with its round spherical shape rather than the usual rectangular bar. These wholesome tidbits are the "lighter way to enjoy chocolate" with pellets made of malted milk smothered with milk chocolate. Also offered in Christmas Mint and Truffles, a pack or box of Maltesers is a tasty present to hand out during the Holiday season.

Nestle and Nestle Rowntree: Delicious Smarties, Kit Kat, Jelly Tots, and Fruit Pastilles

Nestle is widely known to infuse color into its array of chocolate products. Nestle Smarties provides well-loved, colorful sugar-coated chocolate bits that brighten up the mood and foster imagination. It is one of the best-selling products from the Nestle Confectionery and has proven to bring happiness once the lid of a Smarties tube opens. Another fan favorite is the chocolate-covered wafer from Nestle. Kit Kat is a lush chocolate candy bar with the crunchiness of a wafer biscuit at its center. These choco fingers are loved by chocoholics due to their delectable goodness and texture, ultimately perfect to sink your teeth into during breaks. Kit Kat is favored by many, selling 192 billion bars yearly, and has produced seasonal flavors such as Green Tea, Wasabi, and Strawberry Cheesecake in Japan. It also has a line of Christmas-themed bars like this Kit Kat Santa to grace your Yuletide basket of treats. So when it comes to taking a break, Kit Kat is an excellent snack for you.

Now when you talk about colorful sweetmeats, Nestle Rowntree is the go-to brand to give you what you need. Rowntree offers fruity sugar candies through its Fruit Pastilles, Jelly Tots, and Pick & Mix variants. You can savor the authentic fruit juice of the Fruit Pastilles that you can enjoy without the need to chew on them. Jelly Tots are squishy candies that young and old family members adore since 1965. But if you want a clash of fruit flavors and Rowntree's candies, the Pick & Mix bag is the one for you! It is a pack containing Fruit Pastilles, Tooty Fruity, and Fruit Gums. A fun-tastic delight to soothe the palate in every exuberant taste is a sweet gesture brought to you by Rowntree's.

The difference between Britain's wine gummies and liquor-induced chocolate candies

An alcoholic beverage term attached to a candy's name can have misleading meanings. That usually happens when an adult is clueless about what wine gum is. Wine gums, as a matter of fact, do not have any alcohol content at all. These pieces of candies have strong tastes with less sugar and were initially intended as an alcohol-free substitute for the usual wine. Wine gums are boldly flavored compared to chewable jellies, making them more preferred by adults than children. However the taste, wine gums are suitable for kid consumption.

Chocolate candy bars fused with liquor such as the Milk & Dark Chocolate Irish Whiskey Truffles by Butlers are definitely not for children to have. These liquor-filled tidbits and candy bars serve as appetizers for a fun-filled good time with friends. Chewing on these alcoholic chocolate treats can also make you drunk, so make sure you eat them in moderation. A standard shot is composed of 30ml alcohol content. You have to devour at least four 100-gram chocolate liquor candy bars to get a shot of your favorite alcoholic drink. It's a slow burn If you want to get tipsy because you have to put approximately 200 kg of these chocolates into your system to experience their liquor punch.

What are famous sweets in the UK?

The British taste is so sophisticated it is relied upon by many to produce the best confections in the market. The Cadbury Dairy Milk and Flake with the Nestle Lion Bar are the most prominent chocolate bars in the United Kingdom and have spread their great flavor to the world. These sweet pieces put forward Cadbury's signature milk chocolate and The Lion's chewy caramel-filled wafer with crispy cereal and milk chocolate coating.

Meanwhile, Maynard Bassett's and Rowntree's rank two of the highest spots in the most famous candies in the UK. These fruity, sugar-covered sweetmeats have a vibrant array of colors that are so refreshing to the eyes. They even use real fruit juices as one of their main ingredients, making their flavor so lively to brighten every palate.