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Clotted & Devon Cream

Please Note: Devon Cream Company's Clotted Cream & Double Devon Cream are perishable products. English Tea Store recommends Adding an Insulated Shipping Liner with included cold gel pack. Opt for at least expedited 2-day shipping. Somerdale brand Clotted & Devon Cream are shelf stable.

Our clotted creams are carefully packed to keep on your shelf for months. But once you open a jar, please refrigerate it. Stir it when you first open the jar. Clotted creams come from England, because this is cream skimmed from Jersey cows that produce rich, fatty milk. It's named for the clots that form when you cook fresh Jersey cow milk on a stove. Double Devon creams are doubly thick. In fact, you can stand a spoon in it. Sample all our extraordinary British sauces, creams, mixes for baked goods and the very best jams to spread on your scones with a decadent dollop of England's famed clotted cream.