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Classic Cookies and British Biscuits for Tea Time - Types of Digestives, Shortbread, Cake, and more!

It's 2 o' clock teatime, you just put on a kettle, do you know where your cookies are? Or should I say biscuits? You can say both, actually. If you are like me, you always seem to be out of cookies when you really want them! Fortunately, if you made it here that means you are trying to avoid that situation. And also, fortunately for you, you have come to the right place for some delicious, delectable delicacies!

The English Tea Store is your one stop shop for all things tea and that includes your cookies/biscuits to go with it. We'll get into the semantics of cookies, biscuits and digestives between England and the United States in our Q&A below so be sure to check that out as well!

At The English Tea Store, we believe in providing you with an authentic English experience with your teatime. That's why most of our products are imported directly from the United Kingdom. To give you a "taste," of what we have, here are some of our favorite items from our British Biscuits category.

Our #1 Selling cookie is McVitie's Dark Chocolate Digestive Biscuit, if you're looking for more options from this brand check out our McVitie's Digestive Biscuit Category. This British cookie has a lot of raving reviews, and it is a customer favorite! They are perfect with hot tea and a make for a great snack.

Aunty's Golden Syrup Pudding - These are what is known in England as "steamed puds," a pudding product for our friends across the pond. These are actually more similar to pancakes and syrup in the United States than to that of pudding.

Another one of our best-selling products is the Walkers Shortbread Rounds. These buttery flavored cookies are made with a traditional recipe and come from the Highlands of Scotland. Walkers also makes shortbread fingers which also go over well with our customer base. With 5-star reviews and comments like "These are the best shortbreads I've ever had!" These cookies are always amazing and in season.

Bolands Custard Creams come to us from Ireland and are a custard flavored sandwich with vanilla cream. One of our customers tried these when they were in Ireland and fell in love with them, now they are able to get them from us! And you can too! Come see what the hype is all about. Best cookie ever? It might be.

Of course, we can't forget about Fox's Fabulous Half Coated Milk Chocolate Cookies. These are chocolate chunk cookies with a generous half coating of chocolate on top of that. A delightfully decadent treat imported from the UK, you can't go wrong with that.

And if you are looking for specific items, we also got our products broken down in sections for you. They consist of Biscuits and Cookies, Shortbread Cookies, Chocolate Cookies and Biscuits, British Cakes, British Puddings, Tea Cookies and Biscuits, Custard Creams and Digestive Biscuits.

Are British biscuits the same as cookies? What is an English biscuit in America? Digestive?

British Biscuits are very similar to cookies in that they are a thin hardened piece of sweetened flour, sharing some of the same qualities as what we would traditionally call a cookie in the United States.

As for what an English biscuit would be called in America, these are more like shortbread cookies. Still sweet and a cookie, but not nearly as sugary and confectionary as other cookies in the United States. Cookies in the U.S. would be more akin to fit into the realm of what are called Digestives over in England.

What are biscuits called in England?

British biscuits or what is known as a biscuit in the United States, flour that has been browned and hardened on the outside while still retaining a soft inside would more than likely be thought of and called a scone by our friends overseas.

What is the UK's most popular biscuit?

The UK's most popular biscuits include chocolate digestives, shortbread, chocolate fingers, Jaffa cake, chocolate hobnobs, custard creams and the sweet, sweet jammie dodgers.