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British Favorites Teabags

British Favorites Teabags

Among our best sellers is a handsome tin filled with Twinings' Prince of Wales teabags, as well as Taylors of Harrogate's bold Scottish Breakfast tea. Find your favorite Earl Gray tea among dozens of British tea drinkers' favorites. A classic is 100 percent China black tea by Harney & Sons. Bewley's Dublin Morning Tea is an invigorating blend of African teas produced in Ireland. We also carry Ireland's Lyons tea in pyramid-shaped teabags.

Shop our delightful British biscuits (cookies!) and candies, clotted and Devon creams, fruit butters and marmalades. Browse our beautifully made English teapots. Include a flag from England, Scotland or Wales with your gift of British favorite teas. For special occasions, fill one of our handsomely crafted wooden tea chests with favorite brands of teabags from the United Kingdom.