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Candy is a common treat around Christmas, and the English Tea Store carries the most popular British Christmas candies from manufacturers including Cadbury, Bassett's, Mars, and Nestle. Black Magic by Nestle is a delicious selection of chocolates filled with different flavors. Quality Street is another popular British candy, the large tins make a popular gift. The most popular Cadbury products at Christmas are Roses and the selection packs and stockings, which make great gifts for both adults and kids. Bassett's wine gums and licorice Allsorts are colorful and chewy candies that come in a variety of colors in a box. Bassett's, in addition, carries other fruit flavored candies, such as apple-flavored chewy candy. In addition, the selection of English Christmas candy is rounded out by toffee, Turkish delight, and fudge, all of which are packed in appropriate Christmas candy boxes. English Christmas candies make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.