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Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman

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Savor more fruit and less sugar from Bonne Maman Preserves and Jellies

Bonne Maman Preserves make you enjoy one of the sweetest experiences that life has to offer. Give in to great-tasting food as you delight your taste buds with one of life's best pleasures! Bonne Maman takes pride in its delectable jams and jellies, mixing greater amounts of fresh fruits with smaller amounts of sugar to let the natural fruity flavors emerge and elevate your heirloom recipes to the next best level. Slay your breakfast meal or boost the luscious flavor of your dessert as you add the Bonne Maman magic to the food preparation. You'd be surprised by the wonders Bonne Maman Jams make, and this variety pack is only a teaser of what you are to expect from them. This giftable set includes eight of Bonne Maman's most-loved conserve flavors with 28 grams of fruity heaven filling each jar. English Tea Store knows that a 28-gram jar won't be enough when Bonne Maman enchants your senses. Lucky for you because each featured variety in the pack is also available in 368-gram jars and 14.17-gram packets for those who want to bring them along everywhere they go. Bonne Maman Preserves go with a fantastic Scones and Teas Gift Basket too, and is perfect for any occasion, even on Halloween!

What is the meaning of Bonne Maman? Is Bonne Maman Jam French?

"Bonne Maman," translated to English, means "grandmother." So yes, Bonne Maman is a French word made into a French brand that reminds the coziness of grandma's home with her kitchen filled with natural ingredients to make superb meals and desserts. Like the word itself, Bonne Maman products provide every plate with a scrumptious bite of your favorite dishes, just like how granny used to make them. Each jar is filled with sweet and tangy conserve, spreading love and comfort at every table.

What is special about Bonne Maman and its products' ingredients?

Bonne Maman Jams are bursting with delight, treasuring the significance of every minute spent with friends and family over delicious confections. These preserves have simple, natural ingredients yet ooze with rich taste as each goes through the highest quality measures making Bonne Maman one of the most trusted brands to deliver only the best. Each variant is made of fruit chunks, bits, and extracts mixed with sugar, brown cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, and fruit pectin. Enjoy your mornings with a mouth-watering breakfast in bed, or indulge in a crave-fulfilling dessert with Bonne Maman. Putting smiles and sweet memories, this brand makes you feel at home for more than five decades and counting.

Uncovering the History of Bonne Maman Jams

The roots of the Bonne Maman brand go deep, featuring the teamwork of a French family that flourished throughout the years. The name was established in 1971 but the fruit and nut family business dates back after the Second World War. From the style of the packaging to the fruits manufactured to make the preserves, Bonne Maman puts forward the love and care of the family that fills every jar for everyone to relish. The Bonne Maman story lives on today through every pot sold and savored by family, friends, and people who love to eat a great dish.

The story behind Jean Gervoson and the Bonne Maman brand

The first page of the Bonne Maman story started when a person named Jean Gervoson married into the family of Suzanne Chapoulart. The Chapoularts come from a small village in Southwest France named Biars-sur-Cère and have a family business selling fruits and nuts established in the late 1910s. Jean Gervoson's idea of redeeming his father-in-law's unsold plums by making homemade jams with only five key ingredients found in every home was the conception of Bonne Maman in 1950.

Where is Bonne Maman made?

Southwest France is famous for the abundant harvest of high-grade fruits, making a small village in this region the home of the best Bonne Maman products. Each jar consists of the finest fruit concoction to bring more sparkle to treasured family recipes that indeed bring every dish closer to the heart of every family member. Home is where the heart is, and this French brand enlivens that spirit by creating and enjoining the family for a wonderful get-together wherever they may be.

Who owns and manufactures the French brand Bonne Maman?

With the bright initiative of Jean Gervoson to prevent fruit spoilage by turning unsold produce into jams, Bonne Maman became a favorite local product under the family company Andros. The company known to manufacture Gervoson's preserves is established in 1959, and the people who ran its operation were led by Jean Gervoson and his brother-in-law, Pierre Chapoulart. The production of these savory fruit jams upgraded to an industrial scale in 1971, giving rise to the Bonne Maman brand. The Andros Company is privately owned by the family and still has its headquarters in Biars-sur-Cère, France. It has 44 factories globally serving the best-tasting jams, fruit spreads, tea, and confections worldwide.

Assorted jars of Bonne Maman's best flavors in one mini gift set!

Share the love and joy of Bonne Maman preserves with a variety of flavor profiles packed in one gift box! This gift set is a sweet gesture to give a special person in your life, keeping the good vibes with their family going over a recipe enhanced by the Bonne Maman present you gave. A person's bad day won't be too hard anymore once they experience the captivating tastes emerging out of each Bonne Maman jar. Open up a boxful of eight Bonne Maman best-selling preserves, each offering 28 grams of sensational all-time fave fruity assortments.

Strawberry Preserve: Excellent for every taste and occasion

Dig into the lushness of waffles, pancakes, or goat cheese accented by Bonne Maman's Strawberry Preserve. If you enjoy having your breakfast with a jam having lots of fruity strawberry bits, this gift box has one for your distinct palate! Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves puts forward the sweet delight of cooked top-grade strawberries and other natural ingredients, serving an excellent consistency and appetizing flavor fit for all gatherings and palates. It has the perfect balance between sweet and zesty that keeps you wanting more. Don't waste time looking for the best strawberry taste! Bonne Maman has it for you! For more strawberry goodness, Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserve is also available in 368 grams net weight.

Ingredients: Strawberries, sugar, brown cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, and fruit pectin

Fig Preserve: Fresh and fantastic for confections and desserts

Gathered from ripe, tender white figs, Bonne Maman Fig Preserve brings out a smooth texture with a sweet savory flavor every sweet tooth loves. Take great pleasure with this conserve's homemade taste as you spread it over bread or combine it with cheese, ice cream, and other dessert recipes. Memories are truly treasured when you have Bonne Maman to make every moment unforgettable! Get more of Bonne Maman Fig Preserve in 328 grams.

Ingredients: White figs, sugar, brown cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, and fruit pectin

Raspberry Preserve: A berry-tasty addition to your pastries that you can't resist

Disperse the perfect fusion of sweet and tart notes from high-grade raspberries harvested to make one heavenly Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserve. Scoop your way into a jar filled with mesmerizing flavor to improve your morning toast, pastries for all seasons, yogurt ice pops, and Match crepes. Enthrall yourself with the opulence and lush palate of Bonne Maman Raspberry conserve. Can't get enough? Order the 328-gram size in bulk and get quantity discounts today!

Ingredients: Raspberries, sugar, brown cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, and fruit pectin

Orange Marmalade Preserve: Tarty goodness made from flavorful oranges

Bask in the all-time favorite tanginess of natural oranges through the Bonne Maman Orange Marmalade Preserve. Marvel at its exhilarating fresh aroma gathered from the best orange groves that expose the sweet, citrusy, and slightly bitter taste everyone loves to devour. Add the piquant taste of oranges to your mocktails or confections to bring a delicious zing to your taste buds. Bonne Maman Orange Marmalade is also a perfect ingredient to include when making chicken, ham, and seafood, helping you serve a zesty meal for your loved ones. Impress your guests as you stock your kitchen cabinet with Bonne Maman Orange Marmalade, also in 328-gram size.

Ingredients: Sugar, bitter oranges, water, brown cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, and fruit pectin

Muscat Grape Jelly: Specially made to dazzle your taste

Be mesmerized as you indulge in every bite of food that has a deep grape taste with floral hints and fine zesty flavor provided by the Bonne Maman Muscat Grape Jelly. This irresistible treat boasts an opulent fruity flavor without high fructose corn syrup, additives, or coloring. Each Bonne Maman Muscat Grape Jelly is produced from harvested high-grade Muscat grapes and contains natural sugar to deliver the bold sweetness and inviting floral fragrance that you just can't pass. Settle for the true Muscat grape flavor by putting Bonne Maman into your cart! We bet an ounce of this vibrantly flavored variant is not enough. Our 328-gram Bonne Maman Muscat Grape Jelly is also available in our English Tea Store online racks.

Ingredients: Grape (juice and concentrated juice), sugar, brown cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, and fruit pectin

Wild Blueberry Preserve: A sweet and delicious treat

Bursting with subtle flavors composing fresh wild blueberries, Bonne Maman's Wild Blueberries Preserve oozes the flavorful notes of sweet, tart, earthy, floral, and musk taste that you can enjoy as it is, a topping for your confections, or an ingredient to a delectable dish. Its full-bodied blueberry relish gives homemade French toast, crepes, and goat cheese a superb complement one wouldn't dare to miss. It is never a dull plate when you have Bonne Maman Wild Blueberries Preserve to make desserts and even barbecue sauce fantabulous! Make more berry fun recipes with our 328-gram variant.

Ingredients: Wild blueberries, sugar, brown cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, and fruit pectin

Cherry Preserve: Cherish merry-making with every blushing sweetmeat

Your morning plate, cakes, and desserts look ravishing with an inviting deep red topping from a jar of Bonne Maman's Cherry Preserve. This well-loved flavor delivers a comforting combination of sweet and tangy tastes, providing bits and pieces of cooked cherries to brighten your homemade recipes. Enjoy the homestyle relish of this Bonne Maman preserves onto scones, toasts, and waffles to kick off your morning with this delectable breakfast treat. Share the cherry-licious experiences with friends and family as you prepare your best recipes with more cherry-fic goodness from our 328-gram jar.

Ingredients: Cherries, sugar, brown cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, and fruit pectin. This preserve may contain allergens such as pits.

Apricot Preserve: The perfect addition to any dish

The Bonne Maman Apricot Preserve is a not-too-sweet and tarty conserve perfect on toasts, muffins, crepes, waffles, yogurts, and an ingredient for cream sauce or food dressings. It gleams through an orange-yellow glaze, consisting of freshly picked, ripe apricots in chunks of pieces to add to the natural flavor of this preserve. Prepare a lush serving that will indeed keep conversations over an irresistible dessert longer and more delightful. Satisfy your apricot craving by getting its 328-gram size in bulk with great discounts on offer!

Ingredients: Apricots, sugar, brown cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, and fruit pectin. This preserve may contain allergens such as pits.

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