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Barry's Tea from Ireland

Barry's Tea from Ireland - Take pleasure in the rich Irish taste of Barry's Tea

A proud and successful family tea business produces one of the most loved national beverage brands  in Ireland. Barry's Tea was established in 1901 by James J. Barry in Prince's Street, Cork, Ireland. The company used to manufacture most of its tea leaves grown and harvested from the best estates in the world, particularly the Assam Valley of India and Sri Lanka. This trade happened until the 1960s, in time when the procurement of tea leaves expanded throughout the tea gardens of Rwanda and East Africa. These newly sourced tea leaves give the much-loved taste that eventually set Barry's Tea signature, having a distinctive golden liquor and fresh flavor every tea-drinking Irish adores for over a century.   

Where is Barry's Tea made?

Barry's Tea gathers 90% of raw tea leaves from the high estates of East Africa, where the climate in the mountains grows top-standard tea plants for production. The tea leaves are processed in Ireland by Barry's Tea Company's expert master blenders to produce uncompromised, high-quality tea you can enjoy with friends and family.  

What are Barry's tea bags made of?

With the increasing demand for biodegradable tea packaging, Barry's Tea adheres to its customers' call for healthy and environment-friendly tea wrappers. Barry's Tea had removed all the plastic materials in its tea bag composition, replacing them with compostable substances. The company's constant improvements to promote social, economic, and environmental sustainability include the conversion of its tea box packaging and plastic over-wrap to 100% recyclable material and the use of vegetable-based inks for the products' cover prints.  

Caffeine or Decaf?

Barry's Tea commits to fine-quality, best-tasting tea blends in every form, type, or caffeine level. Each cup of your favorite Irish blend guarantees all the polyphenols you can get by drinking Barry's tea, whether you choose the caffeinated variants or their decaf counterparts. These teas are blended with high knowledge and expertise, so you would not know the difference between the two in taste and appearance. Enjoy your tea in any way you want it to help you keep focused or relaxed. Barry's Tea ensures to give that fulfilling experience to you with every sip.   

Is Barry's Tea high in caffeine, and how much is the caffeine level?

Barry's Tea is known to blend most of its product line with a high ratio of Assam tea leaves, making its caffeine level higher than a regular cup of tea. A brewed cup of this Irish tea contains a maximum of 80mg of caffeine that will indeed energize your body and help improve mental focus. So if you're looking for a drink to keep you up and running, Barry's tea offers you with a variety of blends that you need. 

Which Barry's Tea is the strongest in terms of caffeine content?

Earl Grey Tea has the highest caffeine content compared to the rest of Barry's tea products. Irish Breakfast tea, known as the Original Blend in Ireland, is also at the top of this category. The Gold Blend is the second strongest and is best savored during traditional afternoon tea time. 

How is Barry's Tea decaffeinated?

The Dichloromethane method, also coined as decaffeination using Methylene Chloride (MC), is the most popular and widely applied process in removing caffeine in different brands of teas. Barry's Tea is one of those names in the industry that uses MC to reduce its products' caffeine content to below 0.2%. The decaffeination procedure involves soaking tea leaves in Methylene Chloride. This phase enables the caffeine particles of the tea leaves to interact and bond with this chemical, enabling their successful separation from the leaves after a period of time. The tea flavors and natural oils left in the water are returned to the leaves, ensuring a tasteful blend after decaffeination had taken place. The Dichloromethane process is proven safe over the years and is best at maintaining the original tea flavors than other ways of decaffeination. Experience the full-bodied flavor of Barry's Decaf Tea without feeling jittery before bedtime.

Loose-leaf or bagged tea?

English Tea Store offers Barry's Gold Blend Tea in loose-leaf and bagged tea forms. If you're into brewing tea with intense deep flavor, infusing loose tea leaves is the best option for you. Steeping loose-leaf tea in a spacious infuser tends to give a bolder taste compared to tightly packed tea dust in a tea bag. However, making loose tea requires a bit of time, effort, and tools to get the preferred taste you are craving. But if you're a tea-lover who's always on the go, bagged tea provides convenience and is easier to prepare without using extra tea accessories to prepare your favorite blend. You can brew your tea at home, work, or anywhere as long as you have your hot water, tea bags, and teacup or thermal flask with you.

Shop for your favorite Barry's black tea blends

Barry's Tea has been providing the finest beverage, skillfully blended by master blenders with the utmost knowledge and commitment to produce this most-loved Irish drink. Reward yourself with Barry's Tea's full-flavored infusions. Once you take a sip, you will never get enough of it!

Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea

Enjoy the fresh and tasty flavor of a good, strong tea with Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea. It is the perfect blend to consume at any time of the day but is best recommended to jumpstart your morning. Its lively flavor comes from tea leaves harvested from the Assam valley tea estates of India and the gardens of Rwanda and Kenya. The natural freshness of these African tea leaves ensures a refreshing feeling that won't dare pass. Energize yourself for the day's action by brewing your Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea today!

Barry's Gold Blend Tea

As precious as its gold-colored liquor, Barry's Gold Blend Tea is its popular signature mixture made of tea leaves from the estates of Rwanda, Kenya, and the Assam Valley of India. The Gold Blend is a star buy among the rest of Barry's Tea variants and is well-loved by many tea aficionados around the world. Its enriching flavor never disappoints, and surely you'll never miss a day to have this tea on your daily diet.   

Barry's Classic Blend Tea

The Classic Blend from Barry's Tea is an exceptional choice for true tea connoisseurs. This variant is composed of tea leaves with the highest standards, cultivated from ten of the world's top tea gardens. It is expertly blended to share a rich, full-flavored infusion that is a first-class cup above the rest. Choose the classic and buy this master blend. 

Brewing the perfect cup of Barry's Tea from Ireland

When brewing Barry's blended bagged teas, steep one tea bag for every cup with freshly boiled water. Let it brew for three to five minutes to get the taste you prefer. If you're using a teapot, add extra teabags according to the serving cup size of the pot. 

For loose tea leaves, place one teaspoon in the infuser for each person to serve, and add one more for the pot. Pour freshly boiled water over the tea leaves and gently stir them in the infuser. Steep the leaves for three to five minutes. You will achieve a bolder flavored tea once you brew it up to the maximum required time. Stir the leaves in the infuser again before pouring the liquor through the strainer.