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Tea Accessories

Unique Tea Accessories and Gifts for the Tea Drinker and Tea Lover in your Life

Putting on a kettle of tea may be as easy as watching paint dry, but at The English Tea Store, we know you have got a ritual you like to follow when teatime comes around. That's why we offer more than just your standard tea and teapots, but also an array of accessories to help make that part of your day even more special and flow easier. From the classic English Tea Strainer to filter out any unwanted loose leaves in your tea as you pour into your teacup and saucer to a gold demi spoon to feel like royalty and stir in your cream and sugar. There's a lot of little extra pieces that go into making a good cup of tea and we want to make sure that you have them!

A Matcha made in Heaven

Matcha tea is the classic super drink that's been around for centuries. And if you haven't heard of it, check out our article on the 8 Benefits of Matcha Tea here. If you have, you already have some matcha tea on hand, so be sure to check out our great little compilation of Matcha Tea Accessories to bring to the table as well. We got matcha bowls available in pine, taiji, sage and aqua, all beautiful and ready to look great in your kitchen.

Tea Chests

Tea chests are a visually stunning and wonderful way to store your tea. Why use an old Tupperware or sandwich meat container when you can use a stylish wooden chest? Make teatime a time you treasure. You can get these chests with or without teabags and even get a custom engraving plate put on it! As an added bonus, most of these tea chests are made in the U.S.A.

Fun, Cute Teapot Cozies

The English Tea Store also carries teapot cozies to keep your tea extra warm, free from debris and look cute as all heck doing it. We got you covered, or should I say, we got your teapot covered.

Tea Making Accessories, Kettles and Tea Timers

And you can't make tea without a kettle, we got those in stock too! From Electric Kettles to classic metal Kettles. Of course, you will also need to know how long to steep your tea for and for just such an occasion, we have tea timers on deck as well.

Teaspoons, Honey Dippers and Tea Towels

If you are looking to make a stir, you are going to need a teaspoon and we got plenty. We also carry honey dippers to sweeten up your tea with ease and a variety of tea towels to bust out around teatime.

Teapot Warmers, Filters, Strainers and Infusers

Rounding off our tea accessories, The English Tea Store also has got teapot warmers, filters, strainers and infusers. All made with quality, all made to make your morning, afternoon or evening cup of tea that much better and easier.

What is a tea accessory?

A tea accessory is anything that you might use in conjunction with making or consuming tea.

What are the parts of a tea service?

Tea service really only requires a few things. First that the beverages served of the best quality, and they are served at the proper temperatures. A variety of sweetener options should be available, such as, sugar, honey and even substitutes. Tea is generally required to be served loose leaf unless herbal tea or specified otherwise. The guest should also have the option to choose how strong or weak they want their tea. Skim milk and cream should be readily available. Along with all of this you will also need the proper tools, parts and pieces to serve tea. This includes items such as teapots and teacups, tea strainers, saucers, teaspoons and creamer jugs. To learn more about tea service and proper etiquette check out our piece on How to Set a Tea Table at the bottom of the page.