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Yorkshire Red Tea Bags - 80 count

Taylors of Harrogate
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Buy the best rich British taste of the Yorkshire Red Tea

Discover one of the rising tea brands in the UK that provide the pure and classic English flavor of Yorkshire tea. Each tea bag is composed of the refreshing relish that comes from the combination of high-quality Assam and African tea leaves. The Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Red Tea boasts palatable strength and color, perfect to brew at home, restaurants, tea parties, and even the workplace. Experience Yorkshire tea for the first time with English Tea Store's sampler size and other different variants such as the Yorkshire Harrogate Loose-Leaf Tea and Yorkshire Gold Loose Tea in Foil Bag. Choose your flavor. Visit the rest of the Yorkshire Loose Leaf Tea and Taylors of Harrogate Tea product lines via English Tea Store.

UK's Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea: What you need to know about this classic black tea

When it comes to a tasteful treat, Taylors of Harrogate offers a fine infusion noted as the second best-selling and fastest-flourishing UK tea brand in the industry of invigorating beverages. The Taylors of Harrogate was a family tea and coffee merchant business in Yorkshire, England. The Yorkshire Red Tea has an inviting aroma, color, and rich flavor without the unpleasant bitter after-taste, brewed from savory black tea. Yorkshire Tea was initiated by Charles Edward Taylor with the realization that the differences in water have an effect on the quality and taste of brewed teas. Today, Taylors of Harrogate is among the biggest family-owned tea and coffee businesses in the United Kingdom and was also a founding member of theEthical Tea Partnership that makes a better living in manufacturing tea for farmers, workers, and the sustainable ecosystem where they grow their tea leaves.

When was Yorkshire Tea Founded?

Yorkshire Tea was founded in 1883 by Charles Edward Taylor and his brother in Yorkshire, England. This tasty tea blend was first manufactured by CE Taylor and Company, which was later changed name to Taylor's. Upon the 1962 merger business acquisition with Betty's, a local tea room brand, the company was renamed Taylors of Harrogate. This UK tea brand commits to delivering top-quality brew and service and making tea properly through an excellent process to produce one of the best British teas. A trusted name that makes a proper difference when it comes to the perfect brew is Yorkshire Tea. Know more about the history of Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea through thislink.

What is special about Yorkshire tea and what does it taste like?

The Yorkshire Tea is meticulously made by putting layers of complimentary flavors of different teas to produce a flavorful fusion with balance and depth that no other single-origin tea blend has. Yorkshire Tea offers a distinct and specific taste that comes from the combination of African, Indian, and Sri Lankan tea leaves. The Red variant provides a standard yet popular black tea blend ideal for your regular everyday cuppa. Yorkshire Tea puts forward the pure black tea flavor without floral or bergamot citrusy notes. Since the flavor boasts the proper black tea blend, Yorkshire Tea may have a bitter relish because of its packed tannins. So if you want to prevent your infusion from being displeasingly bitter, steep your tea bag in water at a very high temperature or have it brew longer inside your teapot or cup. Add milk to the tea blend to enhance the flavor. Savor the best English builders tea brought to you by Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Red Tea.

How are Yorkshire Gold and Red tea different from each other?

Yorkshire Gold and Red Teas are basically concocted from black tea harvested from the tea farms of Kenya and Rwanda in Africa and India's Assam province. Yorkshire Gold comes from the top 10 tea plantations in the aforementioned locations, buying 10% of black tea in Rwanda and positioning it as a premium counterpart of the Yorkshire Red Tea. Yorkshire Gold is a little smoother and richer than the Red variant. Because the Gold product is one step higher than the regular Red selection, it may discharge a bit of bitterness in the infusion. But if a stronger blend is not for you, Yorkshire Red Tea is definitely the one for you!

Where are Yorkshire Tea Bags made and what are the raw materials used to create them?

Yorkshire Tea gives back to the environment where it gets its luscious tea plant from. It helps maintain the balance in our ecological system by using biodegradable teabags and packaging instead of oil-based plastic tea bags. Yorkshire Teas are packed in plant-based teabags as most of them are manufactured with natural fibers made from a combination of wood pulp and abaca or rayon and sealed industrially compostable and plant-based PLA material. Dispose of this organic PLA plastic properly by throwing it into the kerbside food waste and garden waste bins to transport it to the local council for industrial composting. This way you can do Mother Nature a good turn. You not only enjoy a flavorful tea blend but also treated nature with much respect and love.

How Much Caffeine is in Yorkshire Red Tea?

One teabag of Yorkshire Red Tea weighs 3.1125g of tea leaves. The analytical caffeine testing from brewed infusions made by tea masters resulted in 3.062g of caffeine for every 100g of tea leaves. If so, Yorkshire tea offers a little over 95mg of caffeine from a full brew extracted from one tea bag. So if you plan to steep your teabags twice before you discard them, they should each infuse 47.7mg of caffeine per brew. However, you might also want to consider the ratio of tea to water. The higher proportion of tea versus your water level may give you an excessive amount of caffeine content in your brewed drink. Staying awake won't be a problem when you allow Yorkshire Red Tea to keep you up and going. This box of Yorkshire Tea with 80 teabags offers 249g of tea.

The Benefits of Yorkshire Red Tea

Yorkshire Tea is filled with antioxidants and amino acids, perfect to maintain a healthy body and sound mind. Drinking Yorkshire Tea helps the body to minimize the risks of getting cardiovascular problems and health diseases. It is the perfect tea to consume if you plan to lose weight. Simply drink one cup of this healthy brew every morning to take in more minerals and flush out fat. Yorkshire Tea is also a good source of energy to boost the body's stamina for a hard day's work ahead without pressing too much on yourself. This distinct blended tea helps lessen stress and anxiety for you to go around your day swiftly and efficiently. Fortify your immune system with a delicious tea that you can enjoy every day.

How do you make the perfect cup of Yorkshire Tea for the morning and afternoon experience?

Brew your Yorkshire Tea using a teapot. But first, warm the tap using a kettle to keep the water aerated. Make sure you boil the water once, keeping the oxygen level up to help the flavor of your Yorkshire Tea. Pour the freshly boiled water into the teapot and cups to pre-heated your teaware. Add two tea bags to a regular teapot, or one tea bag to a mini teapot or teapot-for-one. Let the hot water flow over the tea bags and stir a little. Steep your tea bags for four to five minutes to unleash the flavorful blend of your Yorkshire Tea. Enhance the infusion by pouring a bit of semi-skimmed or whole milk, sugar, honey, or lemon. But if you're looking for the pureness black tea, you may opt to enjoy this tea as is.

If you choose to drink your tea straight from the mug, warm your teaware with a recently boiled tap. Pour out the water and put a tea bag into your mug. Stream the hot water over the tea bag and infuse the tea for four to five minutes. Before taking the tea bag out, gently squeeze it against the side wall of the mug. Be careful not to press too hard on the tea bag because the tea leaves will emit a bitter taste. Add sweeteners or drops of lemon to bring out an improved flavor. Savor and relish the uniqueness of Yorkshire Red Tea just the way you like it!

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